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“A couple of weeks ago I went trad climbing with the women I met on my first Womenclimb meetup. We had an instruction day for beginners in trad climbing at the beginning of June and now we are hanging out together as competent climbers. I highly recommend it.”

Sofia Das


“Womenclimb has genuinely changed my life. It’s opened the doors on amazing friendships, motivated me and given me belief in myself. It’s enabled me to have adventures in places I wouldn’t have visited and made my think about the impact of the outdoors & climbing on mental health… Resulting in a change of direction in my life.”


Part of something special

“I had the best time, consolidating so many climbing skills and knowledge in a really friendly and supportive environment. I met lots of new people and feel inspired to push myself out of my comfort zone and get out there.”


The Womenclimb Experience

Warm & Welcoming


Never Just a Number


Meaningful Experiences

Great Vibes

Environmentally Proactive

You Matter

For Women, By Women

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