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#1 Amazing Climbing Community

#1 Amazing Climbing Community

Our climbing partners are crucial to our climbing success. They are there through our achievements and highs, as well as our struggles and challenges. They can make or break our climbing experience. What we’ve discovered through listening to you, our community, is that women often want to climb with other women and sometimes it’s a struggle to find climbing partners who you can trust.

Friendships, Fun and Achievement – Climbing with Womenclimb
Natasha Hirst Photography

The Womenclimb community stretches around the world with over 10,000 women with a passion for climbing connecting from around the world. There are women who climb boulders, crags, mountains, ice and everything in between, all wanting to make connections and have a great time climbing, just like you.

Our membership, which is launching on 1stMay 2019, is designed to give members as many, varied opportunities as possible to meet other women, so you can find people to connect with and build lifelong climbing partnerships. We are UK-based, so our meets are currently in the UK

Climbing has changed my life, but it’s not just the climbing itself. The connections I’ve made with people across all ages and walks of life has enriched my life so much; I am passionate about passing on this gift to people through Womenclimb, to help people connect, feel good about themselves and to thrive. 

Emily Pitts – Founder & CEO, Womenclimb
Emily Pitts – Founder & CEO: Womenclimb
Natasha Hirst Photography

If you believe in the power of connection through climbing, join us by becoming a founder member on 1stMay. 

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