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Film Review // 14 UK Summits 2014 // by Megan Loats

Film Review // 14 UK Summits 2014 // by Megan Loats

This short film charts Megan as she walks 14 summits in 2014.  What I really like about the film is its honesty in showing someone doing a challenge with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors without the need for fancy gear or specialist equipment.  The changing British weather is perfectly captured as Meg counts up on her fingers each summit as she reaches the top.  The film really encompasses lots that you might encounter on a hill walk in the uk – bad weather, poor visibility, scrambling, steep descents, lunch soon a rock in the wind.  What I like most is the smile on everyone’s face – they look like genuine smiles of people who are enjoying what they’re doing.

The sound is a single soundtrack playing itself out throughout the film.  It’s upbeat and I like that very much.  There is a tendency in women’s outdoor movies for the soundtrack to be slow paced violin/ piano music with little psych.  This worked well in context of what she was trying to portray, but in comparison to other entries to the women in mountain adventure film competition this approach to sound was too simplistic.

Classic film structure involves overcoming obstacles that are insurmountable to the hero at the start of the film.  Meg hasn’t used this structure and it’s something I would like to see developed in Megan’s future film submissions, with more though given to including other film shots.  There are a lot of shaky shots, due to the nature of the camera used (a go pro).  The premise of the film is interesting, so a bit more thought about structure to give it more depth, sound to give variety and different camera angles to make it rounded would have improved the film considerably.

For someone who isn’t a professional film-maker I was pleased to see this in the selection for the competition.  The quality isn’t close to others in terms of production, but the idea of getting out into the hills and showing what you can do on a weekend is appealing and is the type of film that I’d love to see more of in next year’s competition.  Megan states in the blurb that she wants to become a badass mountaineer.  I want to see her journey, so I hope she continues to film herself and push her skills to make a more comprehensive film next time round.

14 UK summits 2014

We hope to run the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition again, so please sign up to our newsletter if you have been inspired and we will notify you when the competition opens again.  In the meantime, get filming.

By Emily Pitts

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