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15 Reasons why Almonds are a Great Climbing Snack

15 Reasons why Almonds are a Great Climbing Snack

Great climbing fodder...1Almonds are a pretty amazing nut.  They’re actually the stone of fruit of the almond tree and they have some rather brilliant capabilities.  Here’s why we think almonds are a good climbing snack?

  1. They don’t melt (like chocolate)
  2. They don’t get squashed
  3. They store well in a jar / airtight container
  4. They are super tasty
  5. They are a good source of protein
  6. They are naturally low in sugar
  7. They’re easy to roast yourself
  8. You can make sweet or savoury almond snacks
  9. Almonds can help to prevent osteoporosis
  10. Almonds contain anti-oxidants, which help us to stay healthy
  11. Almonds in your diet can help you to lose weight
  12. Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts, containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and monounsaturated (no cholesterol) fats, folic acid, iron, potassium, niacin and many more.
  13. Almonds can also boost your immune system due to their alkaline properties
  14. Potassium in almonds helps to regulate blood pressure
  15. Almonds are considered to boost your brain power – just what you need when you’re scoping out your next climbing challenge!

Send us your pictures & recipes for delicious snacks you eat at the crag and the climbing centre. 

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