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Can you help Womenclimb?

Can you help Womenclimb?

On 18th & 19th April we need women to join us in North Wales.

Could that be you?

Womenclimb is an unfunded website, so when David Fox offered to make a short promotional film for us with his fancy new aerial filming machine, we jumped at the chance.   However, we can’t do this all on our own and we need willing female climbers to come and help us by being in our film.

We want women that represent the UK population i.e of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds.  Ideally we’d like women who can lead outdoors, but if you have climbed outdoors and can second confidently, then we’d love to see you too.  We will be going to either the Idwal Slabs in Ogwen Valley or to Tremadog, nearer the coast, depending on weather.  We only need one day of filming, so out of 18th & 19th we will see nearer the time which day looks to be better and aim for that day.


  1. To create a short film that shows women in adventure
  2. To promote outdoor climbing to women who may not have considered it before
  3. To create a film that helps Womenclimb to secure funding and become financially sustainable

Looking out away from the Ideal Slabs towards Ogwen Cottage. Come and join us on 18-19 April and experience this for yourself!

We are aiming for a day of fun, good climbing and meeting new people, however, this isn’t a guided climb.  We are asking for people to climb where we are filming and consent to being filmed.  We will not have insurance to cover you, so you have to be confident in your own abilities and/or that of a partner.   We welcome people coming on their own.  We can help you to buddy up if you want, or you can organise this amongst yourselves on the day.  Again, you will take responsibility for yourself within this.

We really need the help of the climbing community for this film.  It could make a really big difference to the long term sustainability of Womenclimb to have a really good film promoting women in climbing.


We’re really hoping for an early start – aiming to be at the crag for 8am, so that we can get ahead of other climbers and be first to climb.  We will meet at a designated point – either Ogwen Cottage for Idwal at 7.45am or Eric’s Cafe at 8am.  You should bring enough water and food for a whole day out at the crag.  At the moment we’re not able to cover costs, because Womenclimb doesn’t have an income.  We are able to immortalise you on film and thank you on the credits, so we hope that this and the feel good factor of helping us, will give you that push you need to come and join in.

We will be staying at the Karabiner Mountaineering Club hut near to Llanberis.  It costs £9 a night.  If you would like to join us there then let us know and we will make sure there is bed space for you.  We will also send you some access & address information.  You can find information about the hut by going to the Karabiner Mountaineering Club website.

Communication will be via email (hello@womenclimb.co.uk) and I will aim to email everyone who wants to join in by Thursday evening with a full itinerary.


We would like to know numbers before the day, so if you can commit to those dates please email us at hello@womenclimb.co.uk with your name and a bit about yourself and your climbing, so we can get a feel for how things might work on the day.  If you have any questions, please ask away, either in comment below or via email.  I will publish answers in the comments section below.

This is such an exciting opportunity and I can’t stress enough how important you are in making this happen.

Thank you.


  • Elizabeth Holley
    April 10, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    do you still need female climber happy to help lead HVS and happy to pair up with anyone.


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