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#2 Indoor Meetups

#2 Indoor Meetups

Have you ever been in a position where you really want to go climbing, but no-one else is free? Or you want to push yourself further, but just don’t know how?

Womenclimb Meetups are for you!

Every month, as a member, you will get FREE access our indoor meetups, at climbing centres around the UK. These meetups, supported by the BMC, give you a go-to place for support, skills boosts or someone to push you. Our meetups are run by Local Ambassadors – climbers at all different levels who are passionate about supporting other climbers. They are there to help you get to know other climbers at the meetup, and provide resources that you can choose to use to get better at climbing.

Why become a member?

Being a member means you can come to as many indoor meets as you like, for free. Some people come along because they don’t know enough climbers to have regular climbing partners. Others want to push themselves hard, and others join us to make climbing friends and have fun – the choice is yours.

Womenclimb is here for you, supporting you to achieve your goals – whether that’s to climb your first 6a, to do your first lead, or to enjoy the your time away from your busy life.

Getting to know each other at a Meetup

Can I try it out first?

You can come to two meet-ups to try it out as a non-member, but there is so much value in Womenclimb membership that we think you’ll want to become a member anyway, so you can properly feel a part of the community.

London – The Castle Meetup – April 2019

We particularly welcome women who have just finished their ‘get into climbing/ beginner climbing’ course, because we know that at the start, for lots of people (women and men!), it can feel intimidating to enter a climbing centre on your own when you’re not sure about the processes and the setup.

Our meetups can help you to navigate that, with a friendly face, so that you can focus on enjoying yourself and your climbing.

Emily Pitts – Founder & CEO: Womenclimb
February Meetup – The Castle, London

Our Meetups network is continually expanding giving you even more value for your membership. The most up to date information and signup is available on our Facebook page.

If you’re not sure what a meetup might be like, here’s some more information:Womenclimb Indoor Meetups

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