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2019 in Review

2019 in Review

How was 2019 for you?

What did you climb and what were your achievements?

Sometimes the small wins are the biggest and at Womenclimb we can attest to that fact! If you’ve done something you’re proud of or simply something that you loved, share with us in the comments below.

Womenclimb's 2019 wins

2019 was our best year yet; we launched our membership and meet-ups series to great success and it made us super happy. The real successes took place at our meetups with members leading their first trad routes, climbing outside for the first time and meeting new people to climb with.

Here’s a photographic summary of the best parts:

In the UK and beyond...

There have been so many incredible achievements this year that we don’t really know where to start. Here are a handful of our favourites….

Emma Twyford climbed Big Bang, 9a, becoming the first British woman to climb a 9a. We are wowed by her strength and sheer determination. Find out more here.

Natalie Berry, continued with UKC as Editor in Chief, with this brilliant article in April ‘Climbers against dck pics’ amongst her 2019 outputs.

Janja Garnbret, Slovenian climber, won every single World Cup Bouldering event and much more this season. With the Olympics coming up we can’t wait to see her athletic agility again.

Further afield, in January the Cholita climbers summited Aconcagua, which brought international acclaim.

And in July, Aries Susanti Rahayu beat the women’s speed climbing record by climbing the standardised 15 metre course in just 6.995 seconds. A pretty mean feat, which we will be seeing more of in June 2020 at the Olympics.

What did you do this year?

We *really* want to hear what you enjoyed most about your 2019 adventures. Drop us a comment and tell us about the stuff that you loved doing in 2019 and your hopes for 2020. 

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