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#3 Get Outdoors

#3 Get Outdoors

Summer is on its way in the UK, which means that lots of us want to get outdoors. Being a Womenclimb member will give you access to our amazing outdoor meetup programme.

At our meetups we can guarantee that you will meet incredible women to climb with; women from all walks of life, with different interests and experiences. With a community of 10,000 followers and counting, all around the world, Womenclimb has something for everyone.

Becki on the start of Right-hand Trinity

Since 2013, experienced and beginner climbers have trusted us to give them unforgettable experiences outdoors. We are deeply committed to supporting you to enjoy the outdoors responsibly

Post-climbing selfie with Emily, Bruna, Danielle & Puk

What people most liked about recent meetups:

“Meeting new people”

“Relaxed atmosphere”

“Sharing ideas”

“Encouragement to do something different at the climbing wall”


“Nice to meet new people”

“Meeting Like-minded women”

Meetup feedback – 2019

Womenclimb – 100% Recommended

100% of attendees who attended our events and training recommend them to a friend, and if you’re not convinced, don’t just take our word for it – here’s what people say:

What people say…

“I loved basically everything! The facilities, the people, the coaching, everything!! “

Nov 2018
Climbing in Spain – 2018
Natasha Hirst Photography

“The mix of people, the environment, the coaches, the food, it was all amazing. I don’t know how Emily did it, but it was truly an amazing atmosphere being there, and so many individual journeys. I was just expecting to do some climbing and meet some new people, but this was on another level.”

Nov 2018
Climbing on Welsh Slate – 2016 Natasha Hirst Photography

“I was really nervous about coming as I’m not very good in large groups and can find them really overwhelming and tiring but I didn’t feel this once during the trip. Everyone was so lovely and supportive and it was nice to be with a group of women who weren’t competitive except with themselves which was inspiring rather than intimidating.”

Nov 2018

New to outdoors & want to try it?

Womenclimb membership can help if you’re new to outdoor climbing. As part of your membership you will have access to exclusive courses, just for Womenclimb members, at a discount. This will allow you to get outdoors with a qualified instructor, so you can learn what you need to be as safe as possible whilst having maximum fun and relaxation. Once you’re ready, you can join our meetups as a climber without an instructor.

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