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#4 Exclusive Discounts

#4 Exclusive Discounts

At the heart of what we do is this: people.

When you sign up as a member of Womenclimb, you are creating and becoming part of an authentic community that is committed to supporting women to achieve their goals, in more ways than one.

But what has this got to do with discounts?

We are partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes to bring you incredible discounts that you will LOVE. You will have access to special climbing centre discounts giving you all sorts of concessions, freebies and ongoing discounts.

Specifically, in line with our core values, we want to support businesses across the industry led by women, to help them achieve success and grow. Our discounts unashamedly focus on supporting and promoting businesses led by women and we’re not afraid to say this, because we know that:

  • Women account for only 17% of business owners (Labour Force Survey 2008, RBS)
  • Women start businesses with around one-third of the finance of men (ibid Carter & Shaw, 2006)
  • Female led businesses are only 44% the size of their male-led counterparts
  • 80% of new business startups since 2008 are headed up by women
  • Almost half of investment teams have no women in them

What this means:

If you can see it, you can be it. Supporting women is important for representation, for role models and for the economy. The UK government feels the same too!

Beth Thomas
Owner of Sukha Yoga

Our focus on women-led business is about helping awesome women with incredible businesses to build success and boost the economy. Their success is your and my success.

Emily Pitts – Founder & CEO Womenclimb

When you become a member you will have exclusive access to discounts that you won’t get anywhere else, as well connection to a whole host of incredible businesses you may never have seen before. Each month, we will add in new discounts as we develop links with new businesses. Your membership will get more and more valuable.

What’s more, if you run a business and want to connect and be a part of this, all you have to do is email us your offer to: hello@womenclimb.co.uk.

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