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#5 Get Better, Get Training

#5 Get Better, Get Training

Plenty of us want to get better, but don’t know how. That is where Womenclimb training comes in.

Join women around the UK who have already benefitted from our dedicated training programmes, face-to-face and remote-access online. Whether it’s the practical skills for climbing or managing your mind, indoor or outdoor, there are training programmes planned to support you. What’s even better is that with membership you get between 20% and 50% discount on all of our courses.

Indoor Climbing Technique Training with coach Claire Youdale
Natasha Hirst Photography

Womenclimb training & coaching sessions are 100% reliable & 100% recommended

What participants say:

What I loved about the workshop was….

“The small group, it meant we could all contribute to everything.”

“it made me enthusiastic to get climbing”

“The supportive and inclusive atmosphere, with everyone working together and sharing ideas/advice” 

“Relaxed atmosphere informed. Open.”

“I liked it! It was thought-provoking, especially rating my own coping strategies”

“It made me reflect on my motivations for climbing in a way I have never done before – The module was broken down into small chunks, which was very useful in terms of timing and planning – I liked being able to read other people’s comments and relate to them”

What participants learnt…

50% of participants said ‘I have more tools to manage my anxiety’.

50% said ‘I can use new tactics to become a more confident climber.’

Participants also said ‘I feel I am making progress towards my goals’ and ‘I feel more capable of managing my emotions.’

“I went to the climbing gym the other day and felt less pressured to achieve or send something, and felt way happier about small improvements.”

Are you ready to learn something new, with experts who are committed to supporting your individual climbing & personal development?

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