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5 Top Tips for a newbie film maker!

5 Top Tips for a newbie film maker!

 Heather Swift, winner of the 2016 Women in Adventure Film Competition with her film Kosmos, gives us some tips for newbie film-makers.  The competition will be re-launching very soon, so sign up to our newsletter today to find out about the competition first.
So, you are psyched to turn your hand to film making but are feeling nervous about where to start? I certainly was, so here’s my top 5 tips for a budding newbie film maker:

1) Just do it!

There’s never a perfect time, but if you don’t start it will never happen. The first step can be the hardest one to take so get it over with, pull you camera out and start filming.
Pull out your camera wherever, whenever you're inspired

Pull out your camera wherever, whenever you’re inspired

2) Ask for help/information

Don’t be afraid to ask if you need to know how to do something, whether it’s via a knowledgeable friend or the endless amount of tutorials on Youtube- the answer is always out there and it’s surprising who is happy to help.
Advice for Adventure film making

Youtube… The font of all knowledge.

3) Use whatever kit you have

Films made on iPhones are winning at Cannes! You don’t need top notch equipment: you need the will and vision to make it happen.
Outdoor films using iPhones

One mega iPhone shot

4) Don’t be put off by criticism

Whilst it can be helpful, everyone also has their own taste and a different opinion of how things should be done. It’s your film, you’re making it, push forward on your own road to create the product of your own imagination.  Even the Beatles started somewhere, and it’s a good job they weren’t put off early……. “We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” – Decca Recording Company on declining to sign the Beatles, 1962.
Confident Women in the outdoors Heather Swift

My Critics didn’t expect that gig…

5) It’s a learning curve

Your first films are unlikely to be perfect and there’s going to be things you wish you had done better, edited an alternative way or shots that are technically imperfect but hey, the person watching is unlikely to know that! The audience is seeing with fresh eyes, to appreciate the movie and be taken along with your dream.
Imperfect film shots can still be great

One of my favourite shots, not withstanding the technical faults

Happy film making….and just make sure you send the final cut in to the BMC TV Womenclimb competition so we can all watch it!
By Heather Swift

Heather Swift has a long standing passion for women’s equality which led her to create the Women’s Mountain Collective. Firmly believing that female participation in mountain sports is valuable both to individuals and society as a whole, she increasingly became disillusioned with the lack of exposure for women in the outdoor media. Fast forward to now and welcome to the journey that is the Women’s Mountain Collective!

Heather enjoys a life of diversity and contrast. Brought up on a Derbyshire hill-farm and educated at a vibrant all-girls school, she spent some years in the London fashion world before settling in Chamonix, France.

50 i Me 1

We want to know what you think!!  Do you like the film?  Think you could make an awesome film?  Go for it.  The comp launches again soon, so get started now, sign up here and we will let you know when it launches.  Sign up to the Womenclimb newsletter to find out first about our exciting new plans

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