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#6 Easy Access Resources

#6 Easy Access Resources

If you’ve ever felt lost and not sure how to progress, our downloadable resources can help you to identify areas to develop and learn new climbing skills and techniques, all in one place.

No more hunting round the internet for trustworthy and reliable resources once you have Womenclimb membership, because you can get

Womenclimb members have access to our continually growing and improving bank of resources. These resources range from technique and skills games to tick lists and cheat sheets.

As membership grows, our bank can grow and flourish too, with exclusive guest resources from people who have been there and done that.

Right now, our bank is focussed on the most important things that will help you make the most progress, so get in now as a member and you can immediately start benefitting from your membership at a fraction of the cost of a climbing coach.

Sabrina Panniccia doing a quickdraw demo
Natasha Hirst Photography

If you want access to these resources, our membership launches on May 1st.

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