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Film Review // A Story to be Told // Emma Whittaker & Silver Sloth Productions

Film Review // A Story to be Told // Emma Whittaker & Silver Sloth Productions

A Story to be Told is a short bio of Rachel Simpson, an inspiring woman who overcame the physical limitations of the condition hyper mobility to become an avid mountain biker. Her reflections on coming late to the sport and going through the pains of her condition are interesting and will provide anyone with a long term condition affecting their mobility hope that all is not lost and that it’s possible overcome physical challenges through persistence and determination.

A few of the films entered for the Women in Mountain Adventure Film Competition 2015 feature drone footage and this is one of them.  Whilst these film shots are interesting the footage isn’t put to its absolute best use.  In part this is down to the music not matching up with the image of mountain biking as an extreme sport.  The sound doesn’t quite hit the mark.  As noted on previous reviews music is a difficult thing to get right on any film, not least because of the costs involved in licensing music for film.  As a result most short film music is from unsigned bands or is royalty free, meaning that it is rarely recognisable and often designed to fulfil multiple functions.  I would really like to have seen a more energetic and inspiring soundscape on the film – it would have lifted the drone footage and made more of the story.  For the competition Emma Whittaker submitted another, much shorter, film and I have to say that I feel that carries a much more focussed and organised message from the start.  As a result it was a more successful film, despite being only around one third of the length of this film.

In summary it’s an interesting story with a variety of visuals, but needing more oomph in the sound department – watch and let us know what you think.

A Story to be Told

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By Emily Pitts

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