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About Us

The Womenclimb Vision

Womenclimb provides information, skills and opportunities to allow women to define and achieve their own goals in climbing.  We aim to empower all women to enjoy climbing and stay fit and healthy irrespective of age, background, income or ability.

The Womenclimb Values

  • SUPPORT: We will promote a supportive environment, which trusts women to make & take responsibility for their choices
  • CELEBRATION: We will celebrate all women & challenge all stereotypes
  • REPRESENTATION: We aim to fairly represent views of all disciplines of climbers
  • FREEDOM: We have the freedom to get things wrong
  • VALUE: We value women’s work, contributions, and actions 
  • INTEGRITY: We will act with integrity 
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We will operate in the most sustainable and ethical way we can
  • COLLABORATION: We will collaborate with, share and support other women’s organisations

The Womenclimb Experience


Warm & Welcoming

Womenclimbers will feel that whatever their level, they are an important part of the organisation and that their experiences matter.  Everyone should feel welcomed, included and accepted into the Womenclimb family.


We will listen to others’ needs. We value the experiences that people bring, so that everyone feels validated, welcomed and accepted. This helps to create a culture to care for each other. 

Never just a number

We are interested in every single person we meet.  No-one is a number. This is at the core of the organisation – a genuine interest and love of people and supporting people. 


Meaningful experiences 

We create experiences that help women connect with the things that are important to them, whether that is learning, building relationships or something else.  


After we met…“I was feeling inspired by you and Emma and started a new morning fitness routine, went climbing and practised overhang stuff. Everything felt good.” 

When people have contact with us, we want them to go away feeling like they can take on the world – like they have the resources to deal with problems that arise. We will help them to develop this resilience. 

Great vibes 

Womenclimb people create great vibes and great vibes attract all types of people from all walks of life. 

Part of Something Special

You matter

Every person who has contact with us should feel like they have a personal connection and that they matter. 

By Women, for women

Every person feels that their perspective is valid, that their input is valued, even when they think they are wrong or aren’t quite sure. They will feel secure to make mistakes, and will feel like they are heard and given suitable responses. 

Environmentally pro-active

We consider the environment in everything we do and will work hard to minimise our impact on the planet.