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Beth Thomas

Ambassador & Contributor

Beth helped make Womenclimb what it is.   Today Beth writes articles, reviews and event reports and she supports events & meet ups.

Beth works as a mental health advocate in secure hospitals. She believes all people have something to contribute to society and is a huge supporter for rights-based campaigns and equality for all. Beth naturally fell into climbing as a hiker and mountaineer and loves all aspects of the outdoors and really finds peace at being ‘high up’. Beth’s main climbing is trad but wants to start pushing into the higher sports grades also. Beth has had several injuries, requiring rest, physio and surgery, and is hoping to write about looking after your body and coping with the psychological fall out of injury.

Beth has been involved with Womenclimb since day one, providing support to the team in a flexible and dynamic way to help it evolve and develop.

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Beth lives for the outdoors. She loves climbing, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking and just frolicking around in fields and hills.  She is always on the move, trying out new forms of fitness and is a big fan of Kettlercise and Zumba! She is also practices mindfulness and raves about the benefits that it can give climbing and your everyday life.  As Beth is always trying out new stuff she likes to talk about it and share her experiences with others and finds Womenclimb a perfect platform to do this.

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Beth’s skills are

  • Motivating people to achieve their goals
  • Enthusiasm even in gales and freezing temperatures!
  • Not recognising the term “can’t do it” and being up for any new experience
  • Understanding and helping peoples anxieties and fears on the rock 

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