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Emily Pitts

Founder and Editor in Chief

75-Tash climbing-0896In 2013 Emily saw that there was not enough for, about and by women in the climbing industry and decided to do something about it.  Emily runs the website and co-ordinates all Womenclimb’s activities.  It was her brainchild and the day to day running of the business lies with her.  Emily is a trad climber.  She climbs for fun and enjoys the social aspects.  She leads up to VS.  Whilst she aspires to lead in the E grades and knows she is physically capable, she struggles to control her fear and this is an area she is working on improving.  She is an SPA qualified climbing instructor, so if you book a course with Womenclimb the chances are you’ll get to meet her.

Outside of Womenclimb, Emily has a portfolio career to make a living: making art, arts education, climbing instruction, gardening, social media training, careers advice and working with disadvantaged young people.  At 37, she’s also single mum to a fabulous 14-year-old daughter, so life is busy.  6-Tash climbing-0701

On Christmas Day in 2014 Emily summited Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), two weeks after running a marathon in the searing heat of Mozambique.  Kili was the most challenging physical and mental endeavor she has ever undertaken.  She would like to go to Patagonia climbing and has her sights set on summiting Mont Blanc in 2017 once her knee is repaired from ACL reconstruction surgery (Feb 2016).

EMILY kili1

Emily with her guide Filbert after completing Kilimanjaro, 5895m – 25th December 2014 with Original Tanzania.

Emily’s unique skills are:

  • Endless energy and enthusiasm
  • Moving and shaking
  • Being able to shamelessly cry on any route – from a 6m VDiff at Windgather to the Inpin.
  • Friendliness and the ability to make new people feel welcome
  • People think she’s organised, but she doesn’t agree!!

Emily Pitts Tile image

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