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Meet The Team // Emma Timmis // Main Contributor


Dosh Em1Emma is an athletic monkey. A relative youngster of the team at 30, she has done lots of amazing things like run across both South Africa and Africa (3974.11km!). Don’t let this façade of athleticism disguise the party tendencies though. Emma likes to have fun and is the heart and soul of most social gatherings. She thinks nothing of going out on a Saturday night for some drinks and partying, only to wake up and do a half marathon the morning after. For Womenclimb Emma is an ideas person. She helps to organise events and works to oil the Womenclimb machine.   This year she is heading to Australia before cycling from the UK to spend the summer in the Dolomites climbing.

Emma’s skills are:

  • Keeping a good calm head when Emily is having a panic on the crag
  • Being exceptionally good company at all times
  • Being a constant source of entertainment
  • Leading outdoors on grit
  • Running unbelievable distances

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