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Meet The Team // Jacquie Budd // Contributor

We’re excited to have Jacquie Budd as part of the Contributor Team at Womenclimb.  

Jacquie is a really keen sports climber and, as such, is a really valuable addition to our team of predominantly trad climbers, indoors climbers and boulderers.

Frankenjura, Germany

Here’s what Jacquie has to say about herself:

Growing up in Malham, North Yorkshire, the outdoors has always been part of my life – picnics, playing in the hills and swimming in rivers was just day to day life.  Despite having world class climbing on my doorstep, it was only by accident some years later in life that I first tied into the end of a climbing rope.  It’s a long story, but gastric flu (not me), camping, mountain biking and a group of 10 strange climbers (sorry guys) features.  I was hooked from that first weekend and soon hung up my mountain bike in faour of climbing shoes and chalk.

My early years of climbing were spent predominantly on the gritstone edges in the Peak District.  I’ve also given slate and multi-pitch mountain crags a try out, but over the years have found that technical limestone sport climbing is my favourite.  Whilst I love pushing myself and climbing as hard as possible, a fear of heights and exposure has always featured, which has limited how hard I’m prepared to lead.  Luckily, I get just as much enjoyment through seconding a route.  I climb for the movement, the technical problem solving and the amazing places I get to visit.

Climbing was also how I met my husband, who thankfully shares my love of sport climbing, mountain biking and tea drinking!  If I’m not up a rock face, haring down a mountain bike trail or being all zen-like practising yoga….you can probably find me in a cafe sampling the delights of a proper pot of tea.  I am a Yorkshire lass after all!

Todys Wall, Froggatt

As you’ll see from her blogs, Jacquie writes about real life situations which most of us will come across at one time or another.  Her writing is honest and clear and we really like it.  We hope you do too.



Emily and the team