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Natasha Hirst

Photographer & Policy Adviser

Natasha is a professional photographer with a degree in Social Policy and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.  Natasha (or Tash) learnt to climb with CEO, Emily Pitts. Emily & Tash met, aged 11 at secondary school and have been close friends since.

She was inspired to climb after documenting a Womenclimb film production in North Wales. She loves it and has been official photographer for many Womenclimb events and trips, including Climb Catalunya in November 2018, where was seen hanging from a rope to capture the event from the sharp end.

Natasha was born deaf and is now a self confessed cyborg – with a Cochlear Implant. She is always up for an adventure.

Close shot of climber's head showing cochlear implant equipment, kept in place with a cotton headband.

Natasha uses a headband to keep her cochlear implant in place underneath her helmet, when climbing outdoors.

Natasha’s professional background has mostly been in politics, specialising in disability and gender equality.  She also has served on a number of boards and committees that give her a useful insight into community projects and organisations who fund them. Natasha is working hard at improving her British Sign Language skills and is always keen to know about other deaf climbers and their achievements.

Natasha Hirst Climbing up a corner route at Hobson Moor on a Top rope

Natasha seconding Epitaph Corner, Hobson Moor (HS, 4b) in Summer 2015, one of her first outdoor climbs.

27-Tash climbing-0754

Natasha on a section of the infamous Back Wall Traverse at Hobson Moor (6a/b), spotted by members of the Karabiner Mountaineering Club.