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Submit a Climber Bio

Thanks for your interest in submitting a climber bio to us.  We are building up a repository of information about female climbers to celebrate the number and diversity of women in the outdoors industry.  We need your help to do this, as we can’t do it alone.

Inspirational sculptures

Here are our Climber Bio Submission Guidelines Submission_Guidelines_1.0

Word count //  Usually words counts are 400-100, but this is only a guide and we will edit your submission to show it in the best light when published.  Here are our standard Submissions Guidelines for further info.

Who can I write about?

Ordinary people can be inspirational, so if you know someone whose story you think is worth telling, then we want to hear it.  If you want to choose someone who has a high profile, then you could choose one of the following (just ideas…):

  • Lucy Creamer
  • Fran Brown
  • Sianagh Gallagher
  • Emma Twyford
  • Emily Allen
  • Ellissa Bryant
  • Shauna Coxsey
  • Leah Crane
  • Mina Leslie-Wyjastyk
  • Katherine Schirrmacher
  • Rose Dunne
  • Cathy O’Dowd
  • Molly Thomson-Smith
  • Bonita Norris
  • Elena Bunbury
  • Alex Puccio
  • Gill Peet
  • Lucinda Whittaker
  • Katy Whittaker
  • Michaela Tracy
  • Hazel Findlay
  • Aleksandra Taistra

Hope that helps.  We look forward to reading your submission.