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Adidas // Performance Waterproof Jacket // Review

Adidas // Performance Waterproof Jacket // Review

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green5Love: The colour!

Price New: £110

What it’s best at:  Lightweight waterproof for spring, summer and autumn – cragging and scrambling.

What could be better:   Zips


Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green1

Emma and I tested two waterproof jackets at the same time (See below for other review) and we much preferred the fabric and styling on this one.  It has an interwoven crisscross pattern, which we both felt gave the jacket some structure, whilst staying light – it weighs about 440g.

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green3Functionality:

The inbuilt hood fits well over helmets, with a pull tie at the back of the head and at either side of the head to ‘fix’ the hood more securely in wind.  It fitted well and avoided moving my glasses around, which made visibility easier.  The prow of the hood is mouldable, which was useful and necessary in the pouring rain – a good call from Adidas to include this feature.

The draw cords around the waist functioned well and the length of the jacket meant that it sat well down my back even with my harness on – no gaping chills, thankfully.

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green 2 1

For extra breathability, the venting system is a really good feature, which I used going up the hill – hot but in sheet rain.  In terms of waterproofness I was really pleasantly impressed – It’s been out in some torrential downpours and functioned incredibly well, rendering me dry and toasty.

The cuffs need a little attention – even with the Velcro cuff adjusters the water was seeping up the fabric around the cuffs quite a bit, making my wrists cold and damp.  Your wrists and neck are the areas where you lose a tremendous amount of heat, so if you want to stay warm on the crag, pay attention to these areas, with a buff and wrist gaiters.

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green2There is one major flaw to this jacket – the zip – neither Emma nor I could fathom why the zip kept catching – either the type of zip or the peripheral fabric sitting too close to the zip.  The result is that when you really need to get out of the jacket, it catches and is a right pain.  Sometimes, when climbing and on the belay, you need to do things one-handed and you couldn’t guarantee to with this jacket.

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green 2 4Design: 

This is where Adidas are going to come into their own over coming months and years.  They’ve picked up on something that we’ve all been talking about for a long time – women are sick of pink, purple and black.  We’re colourful people and this jacket is filling a gap in the market.  Known for being the brand of chavs, I wasn’t sure what to expect when these items were delivered and I was really surprised at how much I like the styling.  The jacket (apart from the zip), works really well and transfers between climbing, work and play effortlessly.  Adidas get a big thumbs up for design on this product.


We wore size 10 samples and would say the sizing is pretty accurate.  I’m a size 8 and I think the cut would have fitted really well in a size 8.  Adidas have their own ‘formotion’ cut, which is designed to allow greater flexibility of movement.  It worked well for climbing and for scrambling, enabling the full movements without fabric bagging up and getting in the way.

Adidas Performance Waterproof Jacket Green 2 2Durability:

At present it’s hard to assess its durability, as we’ve had them for a short time.  It’s been out on a number of crag visits, to work with me and also on a few mountain routes.  It’s looking good still.  To compare with another product, on our recent Grade III scramble in Llanberis Pass, I wore a pair of Berghaus waterproofs, which had two tears in after just two hours.  The jacket came away unscathed – it seems to be quite hardwearing.  We will update as we use it more.

Value for money:

Mountain Equipment Drilite Jacket does more or less the same thing for slightly less and is more or less flawless in terms of function.  This jacket will no doubt be more hardwearing due to the extra weight and fabric design, so if you can put up with a slightly sticky zip, then it’s a good buy.

The Verdict:

Brilliant colour, interesting styling, all the features you want from a lightweight jacket, with a slightly sticky zip.

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