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Adidas Terrex Solo Approach Shoe // Review

Adidas Terrex Solo Approach Shoe // Review

  Verdict:  Score: 4 stars

Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Shoe Women06


How they look
The STEALTH rubber sole
How comfortable they are

Would like to see…

Slimmer fit
More support around the foot
Softer and lower tongue


Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Shoe Women04The Adidas Terrex Solo approach shoes look absolutely amazing, and it’s fair to say they have caused quite a stir every time I’ve worn them. They are definitely one of the new generation of approach shoes, both in looks and performance.

Adidas have designed the Terrex Solo as an approach shoe specifically for climbers and boulderers – and they’ve done their homework, the Terrex is perfect for short, low-grade climbs, scrambles and for belaying – delivering on both comfort and performance.

Adidas STEALTH rubber on the Terrex Solo Shoe

The whole shoe, with its abundance of features, is impressive, however, the most impressive element of the shoe, for me, was the STEALTH rubber sole – marketed as offering unbeatable grip – I can confirm this is exactly what it does, the Terrex far exceeds the grip of any approach shoe I’ve worn previously.


Scrambling in the Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo ShoeI have generally found Adidas shoes to run a bit smaller than other brands, and always go a half a size larger, so this particular pair of Terrex was exactly the right size for me, but since they are a unisex version I found them a bit roomy width-wise. The positive with this, is that there was plenty of room for my feet when they got warm during a full day of wear, and they will also fit well in the winter with heavier socks. The negative was, that I felt a lack of support around the ball of the foot when walking on uneven terrain. I tested the Terrex on a range of long and short days, and found that apart from the extra width, the fit was really good – my feet felt comfortable, with very little rubbing or problems during the breaking in period. The tongue comes up quite high and is made of a rubber-type fabric – with wear it’s starting to soften, but it did bother me a bit initially and during my first long day of wearing.


Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Shoe Women05The Adidas Terrex Solo surpassed my expectations – they are every bit as functional as they are good looking. The STEALTH rubber sole performs really well on rock and offers excellent grip – I found them to be good on uneven terrain, and the climbing zone performed well for scrambling. The sole is lightweight yet rigid enough to wear all day or for a long walk in – I wore them instead of my boots on a couple of hill days, and felt they fared well, although could have provided a bit more support around the ankle and across the widest part of the foot. The lacing system offers good support, and has a built in lace bungee for added security, however, the laces did come lose a number of times. The water-resistant mesh upper kept my feet very dry, and I’ve yet to experience any sort of leaks even though I’ve put the Terrex Solos through some muddy, boggy conditions.


Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Ortho Lite insertThe Adidas Terrex Solo looks great and is definitely a head-turner, but the shoe is also designed to serve a purpose and is a joy to wear. In addition to all the main features, there are lots of additions that are really nice – carabineer loops, Ortholite insoles, and ADIPRENE cushioning in the heel zone. As a unisex fit shoe, the Terrex is designed to accommodate male feet – females with small or narrow feet could experience issues with the fit of the shoe, as I did, however, females with wide feet will probably quite suit the fit.


Having tested the Terrex for a period of time, in a range of conditions, over varied terrain, and for different lengths of wear including Scottish hill days, scrambling, walking in to climbs and for casual wear they do seem to be durable and good value for money. Of course, it takes time to tell with these things, but so far so good – it will be interesting to see how the STEALTH Climbing in the Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo women's shoerubber fares after more mileage and exposure to higher temperatures than here in the UK. I felt pretty disappointed with the laces – they are a bit like trainer laces and could be replaced for more durable laces with better friction.


I really liked the Adidas Terrex Solo – before they arrived I wasn’t sure how well they would perform, but they surpassed my expectations and I’ll definitely be investing in a female specific pair when they’re available to buy over here.  They look great, are great to wear, and I really can’t express just how great the STEALTH rubber sole has performed across the board. I’ve already packed the Terrex for my summer trip to the Alps – am looking forward to see how they perform after a couple of months out there!

Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Shoe lacesFeatures

  • Lightweight
  • STEALTH rubber sole – with climbing zone
  • Water-resistant textile mesh upper
  • ADIPRENE cushioning – Ortholite insole


Value for money 4
Design 4.5
Comfort and fit 4
Durability 4
Functionality 4
Total 20.5


Adidas Stealth Terrex Solo Shoe Women12

Thanks to Nicola Van Rijsbergen for the photos

Sarah Morton, Reviewer

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