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Adidas // Climaproof Waterproof Jacket

Adidas // Climaproof Waterproof Jacket

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue15Love:  Nothing stands out as exceptional

Price New:  £ 90 – £100 approx.

What it’s best at:  Socialising away from the crag or as an extra wind proof/ waterproof layer on a summer’s day.

What could be better:  Zip, Styling & Colour.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue12Fabric:

I didn’t like the fabric on this jacket even nearly as much as the Adidas Performance Waterproof.  It felt heavy and inflexible in comparison.


The jacket functioned well, but is definitely not designed as much with climbing in mind as the Performance jacket, reviewed earlier in the year.  Obviously if we compared it to a jacket from your average supermarket, it will come out well above average, but we’re rating it for functionality for climbing against some really amazing products, so some of the comments may seem harsh.  The pockets were sufficient – a little low down, so they slip underneath your harness and you can’t always access everything at the bottom of the pocket.  The hood provided the right amount of cover for helmets and the drawstrings all did their job well, so the hood stays in place.  It remained waterproof, which means it would be good as an everyday jacket, for occasional use at the crag – you know you’ll stay dry.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue1The cuffs got really damp inside and it makes your wrists cold.  This is the area where your blood vessels are close to the surface, so you lose a lot of heat from your wrists.

The ZIP!!  We really struggled with the zip on this jacket.  At one point Emma was unable to get out of the jacket and got a bout of claustrophobia in there.  This is definitely something that Adidas need to work on for future incarnations of this and similar products.  The efficiency and ease of use of the zip is probably one of the key aspects of a jacket for a climber, as we need to be able to get in and out of gear quickly when our temperature rises and falls at different times during the climb – especially on multi-pitch mountain routes.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue11Design:

The design of this jacket doesn’t really appeal to me.  I feel that it’s not as snazzy and fun as the Performance jacket.  However, if you’re more reserved then this might be just what you’re after.  It’s quite a safe option in terms of blending in with general street wear, which means it would transfer well to everyday life, if you wanted a multi-function jacket.

The colour is an issue – pale blue does not look good smeared in slime, lichen and soil from the climb.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue13The fabric means that it doesn’t just wipe off in the same way it does off the Performance jacket. Obviously the jacket can be washed, but after repeated washes it will become less waterproof, so it’s not ideal.


The fit is similar to the other adidas products we’ve tried – quite accurate.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue16

We tested size 10 jackets, but they were slightly too large as we are both size 8 – so the sizing was as expected.


This fabric looks like it will be quite durable, but there is an issue with the pale blue front panel, which got really dirty after just one day on the crag in Wales.

The jury is out about the fabric and durability – we’ll post an update as it’s used more.

Adidas waterproof jacket Blue14Value for Money:

We were all-round disappointed by this jacket.  However, when looking at what’s available on the high street, you do get a well functioning waterproof, which would probably work just as well on the streets as it does at the crag.

The Verdict:

A disappointing product, not really designed for all-round climbing practicality, with a dysfunctional zip.


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