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Film Review // Aleksandra Taistra in Oliana // by Zofia Reych

Film Review // Aleksandra Taistra in Oliana // by Zofia Reych

Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Taistra is an incredibly well respected and accomplished sport climber from Poland.  This film is a short film about her climbing in Oliana and her climbing ambitions.

The film has some really nice shots, which work together to create a film that flows well.  Production quality is good – it’s all about the climbing, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.  A woman’s physiology is different to a man’s, so it’s important for women to be able to see other women climbing, to be able to learn and develop.  It’s a good showcase of what training and commitment can help you to achieve in climbing.

Ola works a sport climbing route during the central section of the film – this is a positive aspect that could give authorisation to other climbers to find a route that’s hard for them, go for it and not worry if they don’t get it first time.  The discipline of training as ‘the base for success’ in climbing is nice to see articulated by someone who is at the top of the climbing tree.

Sound on this film is good, although the music is slightly distracting – I would have liked to hear a track that ebbed and flowed a little more throughout the film to create different levels of intensity and to accentuate the most important parts of the film.  This is sometimes hard to achieve without a budget for music.

Aleksandra Taistra in Oliana

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by Emily Pitts

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