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Buying your First Climbing Shoes

My first climbing shoes were green. I don’t remember what brand. My dad had borrowed them off the local outdoor centre and the laces were so long that I had to wind them around my ankles. There was toe space for me to ‘grow into’,...

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How to Find an Outdoor Climbing Course

Whether you're looking to get out on rock for the first time or build up your existing skills, finding the right outdoor climbing course can be challenging, especially if you're new to the sport or have done all your previous learning from friends and are...

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Pride in Our Climbing Community

Last year Climbing Magazine published a feature article on Jamie Logan, one of the great pioneers in North American free climbing and all around badass. After blazing a path of first ascents and first free ascents across North America, Jamie Logan transitioned to female in...

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Womenclimb Founder Members Announced

The news you've been waiting for. I am thrilled to announce Womenclimb's official Founder Members. These incredible women have etched their names in Womenclimb history: Siddrah Aslam Anna Knight Lorna Fewtrell Joan Bambrick Mimi McNaull Gemma Sutherington Jo Carran Claire Brooke Jo Chitty Jo Cooke Lila Khoja Vaila McClure Anouska Anderson Gillian Hutton Hannah Sydney Mary Scott Paula Holt Angela...

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Womenclimb's First Member

Congratulations to Siddrah Aslam who has won our competition to win a year's free Womenclimb membership and has become Womenclimb's first ever official member. I first went bouldering with my friends in my early 20's. As soon as I started getting higher up the wall...

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Climbing and the Olympics: Part One

Are you excited?! Just in case you haven’t heard (are you living in a climbing-free cave?), in 2016 it was announced that Sport Climbing, along with Skateboarding, Surfing and Karate, would be trialed at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. But a climbing competition? How do you...

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Outdoor Meetup Success

Excited climbers joined the first official Womenclimb Meetup at Stanage Popular End to meet new climbing partners, learn new tricks and gain confidence in their outdoor climbing as the UK trad climbing season kicks off, now the clocks have gone forward. Here's what we got...

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Bouldering in Finland: Part Two

Spring Fin Bouldering,  Åland Island Life Anssi Laatikainen photography Spring sunshine is brushing the surface of red granite blocks in Åland’s Djupviksgrottorna (more casually, Grottan). The granite here is slated in such a way that the ubiquitous roofs look like they’ve been constructed from stacked up Lego blocks. The hold-potential of those...

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The Countryside Code - What is it?

The countryside code is a set of guidelines that helps people to enjoy the outdoors whilst protecting the rights of landowners and helping everyone to take responsibility for themselves whilst they are out enjoying nature. It gives guidance on what you should and shouldn't do, so...

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Women Rock, with Hazel Findlay // Sardinia

Climbing Ulassai would like to welcome you to the first WOMEN ROCK event in Sardinia! From September 13th to 17th 2019, this awesome event will bring together and celebrate the female climbing community in the up and coming hotspot for European sport climbing: Ulassai, Sardinia. What you...

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How to Develop the Mindful Habit

Mindfulness has been shown to help athletes improve their head game and perform better. Sometimes, it's easy to start, but not so easy to sustain a new habit, like mindfulness. Here are some tactics other people use to make mindfulness a habit: Attach to a habit you already...

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