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Monday Motivation: Interview with Molly Burdick – from heart disease to ninja warrior

10 years ago, Molly Burdick was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. After years fighting PTSD due to her illness, and often too scared to leave the house, her life changed forever when she watched a climbing video of Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra. Fast forward...

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Monday Motivation: “This is for you, Mum” – the 8 year old who climbed The Old Man of Hoy and right into our hearts

In contrast to last week’s post about a 99-year old making her first climb, today we’re celebrating the incredible story of Edward Mills and his mum Bekki Christian. [caption id="attachment_4146" align="alignleft" width="300"] Edward and the Old Man. Photo Alex Shaw[/caption] Last June, Edward (now 9) became the...

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A Chat with Emma Twyford

Emma Twyford is certainly flavour of the month. Thanks to her huge successes and exciting future goals, she has been cover star of both Summit and Climber in recent weeks. When she’s not on the rock, she’s one of the UK’s leading female route-setters and is running her business Creative Climbing offering setting courses to women with fellow setter Evie Cotrulia.

Currently busy setting full time, I managed to catch Emma for a quick cuppa before she set the comp circuit at my local wall. We talked climbing, route setting and inspiration.

That Cover Photo © J Bunney

Mera Peak – Part One: The rescue.

  17th October 2018, Kathmandu International Hospital Pharyngitis and AMS the doctor has written on the whiteboard outside my room. I haven't even googled it yet. Sitting cross legged on bed, in lilac hospital pajamas, I google instead ‘Denali climbing operators’. Forever living in the future. I...

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Mountain Podcast

Some inspiration from the Mountain Podcast: http://mountainpodcast.com/episode/10-lomond-the-long-way/ - with runner Susie Allison, author of Scottish Trail Running. http://mountainpodcast.com/episode/11-race-on-the-edge/  - with Cat Morrison (former world champion triathlete/Ironman) & Caroline Wallace (ex-pro triathlete and awesome endurance athlete) http://mountainpodcast.com/episode/12-the-hills-i-call-home-arran/ - with Kirstie Smith, hillwalker, Sarda dog trainer and...

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Women in Adventure Film Competition 2019 Launched

The fifth Women in Adventure Film Competition with the BMC is officially launched. The BMC and Womenclimb launched the competition at this year's Women's Trad Festival in the Peak District, in the company of 180 climbers from all around the UK. The competition is designed to...

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Join the Womenclimb Crew!

If you're a climber looking for something new and meaningful to get involved in, check out our volunteer roles. You could become part of a dedicated, passionate crew who help and support women to start, continue and love climbing: Explore Womenclimb Crew roles ...

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BMC Voting – Proxy & How to Vote

If you are a BMC member, vote in this year's crucial AGM. How to vote: On 18thMay, you received an email from this email address: onlinevoting@electoralreform.co.uk. In that email is your unique link to vote online. Voting online takes less than 5 minutes. (You can also vote in...

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#inversion Christmas Giveaway

Adventure travel company inversion are offering an incredible prize to one lucky Womenclimber - a free place on their upcoming ice climbing adventure in the stunning Pyrenees. The trip, running 19th – 23rd January 2018, led by MIC Simon Edward, includes transfers, half-board accommodation, guiding &...

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Climbing Inspiration // 1920’s to 2010’s

We all know that you can't be what you can't see, so in today's post are some Youtube videos to help you visualise success.  Vicarious experiences, seeing other achieve success, are critical to gaining self-efficacy. Feel Successful, Watch Others' Success Self-efficacy is the thing that makes us...

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Successful Climbing

Today's climbing has been a success. I've been to Wilton 3 Quarry, north of Bolton where I led one route (a Severe), and backed off another (a VDiff) only 2 metres from the top. You might wonder how this was 'successful', because climbing one route and backing off...

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How to Set up a Women’s Climbing Group

In the second in our series about setting up a women's climbing group, guest writer Lorna Potter discusses how she went about setting up Bristol Women Climbers.  She talks about what you might need to think about and what you'll need to do.  It doesn't have to be...

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Why YOU should create a Women’s Climbing Group

Lorna Potter BWCGuest writer Lorna Potter, founder of Bristol Women Climbers, discusses her insights and suggestions in the set up of  a women’s climbing group.

Women’s climbing groups are are a great way to empower women and create a community for women to come together and build friendships around their love for climbing. 

I’m Lorna and I run Bristol Women Climbers (BWC), a group for women climbers in Bristol to get to know other local female climbers, make friends, have fun, share skills and inspire each other to climb harder.

Fancy Footwork: How to get better

Footwork is talked about so often by climbers, but even experienced climbers often don't know where to go to improve their footwork. Today's article is all about improving footwork. If we've missed something, leave us a comment and share your experience and knowledge with us...

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