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Author: Emily Pitts

Telling Women’s Stories

Women are underrepresented in adventure sport, and their stories are not making it in to the media.  Do our favourite outdoor magazines have a responsibility to redress the balance?  Lucy Wallace talks outdoor media and women, in our latest article.  If you've got something to say,...

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Women Inspiring Girls & Women

Are you a woman working in the climbing/ mountaineering/ outdoors industry? Perhaps you're a mountaineering instructor? Or maybe you're a garment technologist and engineer outdoor clothing? Or maybe you do something else related to the industry? Womenclimb has a Youtube Channel and we want to fill it with great...

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Getting Close to Emily Roo // Intimate Climber Bio

[caption id="attachment_3014" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Emily Photo Credit: Jen Randall[/caption]   Emily Roo rocks; a strong, independent person, with an untethered passion for climbing.  She's 5ft 4's worth of fun, laughter and motivation, hiding a serious commitment to alpinism and exploring untouched areas of the planet.  In 2016...

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The Great Stuff Men Do

Achieving gender equality depends on men.  If we continue as we are, with women pushing for gender equality largely alone, or supported by a minority of  progressive and engaged men, gender equality is going to take another 81 years to happen – beyond both mine and my child’s lifetime.

Today, on International Men’s Day, I want to share something about how the men in my climbing life have helped me to move to a climbing grade I never thought I would achieve.  I admit that I’m, perhaps, so strong and passionate an advocate of equality, so vocal about the inequalities I perceive, that the men around me can feel under attack and then defensive.  This holds back the advancement of equality, because in this defensive situation, no-one is learning new ways of thinking or doing things.   I felt today was a good day to reflect on the positive stuff and how men have made a difference in my climbing life.

Junko Tabei Dies, age 77

Junko Tabei, the first women to summit Everest dies age 77, after a life filled with ground-breaking mountaineering achievements.  At the age of 35 Junko Tabei sumitted Everest, the first woman to set foot on the summit of the world's tallest mountain, and at the...

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Free Mountain Athletics Sessions

Planning to go out this winter?  This is for you: image003

The North Face goal-orientated training is about to happen all over the UK.  Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to get prepared for the winter sports season ahead, with the support of North Face.  

Part of its renowned programme that promotes training with an end outdoor goal or higher purpose in mind, sessions will help prepare attendees for the winter outdoor sports season ahead.  Find out the dates and venues below. 

Climbing Frog Belay Glasses // Review

Belay glasses seem to be all the rage at the moment.  They’re a save-all for your neck, according to the manufacturers and thankfully the cost of a pair has reduced dramatically in recent times.  Today we review the Climbing Frog brand of belay glasses, which come in at less than half the price of some premium brands (with 10% off for 10 of our readers, so get in quick).  But… do you get less bang for your buck or are these a winning pair of neck-saving specs?  Beth and Emily from Womenclimb both tried them out independently; it’s time to find out their verdict:

Volunteers Needed: Film Specialism

Womenclimb is offering an opportunity for students/ volunteers to get involved in an exciting 8-week project to create high quality and engaging film content.  We already have lots of ideas, but you will become part of the film production team joining us to help make...

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How to Get Over a Climbing Fall

A fall can be nothing and everything depending on the outcome. Not many people enjoy falling and the aim of climbing is too often to complete your bucket list of routes, without taking a fall. Sometimes however, the artist makes a mistake – hopefully they get straight back on the rock to perfect the move, but other times they can’t walk away from the fall and it is a long wait before the next attempt at any route outdoors.

The Great Trad Quest #WomenOutdoors

#WomenOutdoorsweek is here.  We've asked real women to help us by telling us what they're doing in their climbing lives.  Today we have Rosie Henstock's guide to getting better at trad climbing.  [caption id="attachment_2822" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Me and my friends having just climbed Direct Route, Glyder...

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Almscliff // Outdoor Climbing Venue // Review

Beth, our very own Womenclimb contributor set out to give you lovely readers a first hand account of the popular Yorkshire climbing venue of Almscliff.

Almscliff is an impressive grit stone crag in the heart of Yorkshire jutting out of a sea of finely combed fields and against a backdrop of distant viaducts and farmlands. The crag lies a few miles north of Leeds and Bradford and the parking is plenty with a 5-10 minute easy walk in on a footpath.  It has an “unmissable” reputation, being a natural crag which is very accessible with a wide range of grades to suit beginners to seasoned trad legends. Read on to see if this venue should be on your ticklist….

#GetOutdoors Profile: Mandy Glanvill

navigation1For today’s Get Outdoors Profile we’re heading up to the beautiful Lake District where Mandy Glanvill runs her business Womenrock. As the name suggests, Mandy focuses on working mostly with women, she explains that “It is important when you are new to this challenging activity, or if you are wishing to develop and push your limits, that you get the maximum support and feel as relaxed as possible. For many women it is much easier to achieve this relaxed and supportive atmosphere in an all female group.” Although the focus is on building the confidence of women climbers, Mandy also works with mixed groups, individuals and small family groups.

Pole Vaulter to Climber to Explorer // Stephanie Langridge

Stephanie Langridge Australin AdventurerBefore travelling to south America in March 2016 Stephanie Langridge had only ever climbed indoors in her local climbing and bouldering centres.  She has been climbing for less than three years, yet in June 2016 she summited a 5686metre peak lovingly named The Bull, in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, close to Huarez in Peru.  How did she go from zero to a 5600metre summit in under 3 years? Last week Stephanie spoke to us about her journey.  We’ve got some really important take aways that will really help you if you want to become more adventurous or if have been scared to do something different, so read on and, most importantly, leave Stephanie a message.