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Best Places to Boulder in the Peak

Best Places to Boulder in the Peak

Bouldering overhang at Burbage SouthWith winter setting in and the nights drawing close, I think it’s time to consider bouldering as an outdoor option that eats less time and helps you to avoid frostbite in the chilly weather.  Here are our Peak District Top Tips:

Best Peak Bouldering venues

1.  Curbar //  Top Tier // Right Hand Side

Forty ish problems graded 3-5 – perfect for beginners.  Around 15 minute walk-in.  Parking available in bays nearby – does get busy in summer.

preparing for bouldering at Burbage South2.  Burbage //  South Boulders

We’ve been here in Spring 2013 and we loved it – a brilliant mix of grades and different technical challenges.  Perfect for a crisp winter’s day.  About a 25 minute walk-in.

3.  Brownstones // The Two Steps area and Ash Pits Slab

A great location, just north of Bolton with 171 boulder problems listed on UKC.  The Two Steps area and Ash Pits Slab, provide a whole raft of excursions from font 3 upwards.

There’s a great wiki with info about Brownstones:  http://brownstones.wikifoundry.com.  I know this isn’t strictly Peak District, but it’s near enough and we like it – it deserves to be in.


Bouldering overhangs

4.  Roaches // Top Tier

The setting for these boulders is absolutely stunning.  The walk in takes around 20-25 minutes and the results of your effort are paid back a million fold by the breathtaking views and the quality of the boulder problems – lots in the lower grades of V0-V3.

5.  Stanage // Far Right

Stanage is one of our favourite crags, but the far right area sees much less traffic and, as such, is a brilliant bouldering venue.  The walk in is short – under 20 minutes – and parking is readily available.  Stay parked within the allocated zones though, as there are considerable efforts to protect the local area.

6.  Froggat //  Top Boulders

If its hot with a little wind this is a nice place to go to cool down.

Best Guide Book (as recommended by Nathan Foster at MCC)

Boulder Britain – “A great book with really good overviews of where to go and good general crag information”

Happy bouldering.


  • sarah
    October 11, 2013 at 11:04 am


    I think Peak District Bouldering is the best guide to use. It has all the main areas plus some quieter, smaller venues and is a very easy to use guide. The peaks is my local area and it still throws up places I have yet to visit.

    Though I will say the landscape orientation of the book means it doesn’t stand up well to outdoor use. Mine is in need of repair with some tape.


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