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Bouldering Vocabulary

Bouldering Vocabulary

Natasha Hirst Photography

Enjoying the bouldering wall, but not sure what the lingo’s all about? Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

Barn door: when the body swings open from the same hand and foot being positioned on the wall

Beta: information about the moves, approach or rock obtained verbally, watching others, or research

Chalk: Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO₃), a white powder that is used to absorb sweat from the climber’s hands

Crimp: a small positive hold that fits the tips of the fingers, also describes the hand position climbers can use

Crux: the hardest move or series of moves of the climbing route

Flapper: a large chunk of skin which rips off your hand

Frogging: getting the hips parallel and as close as possible to the wall with the knees pointing out to the sides

Sloper: a rounded downward-sloping hold

Jug: a positive hold
which is easy to grip

Pinch: a hold which you grip by pinching your thumb and one to four fingers

Problem: a climbing route, called a ‘problem’ as it is to be solved

Pumped: when your forearms become filled with lactic acid after climbing a hard problem

Send: to complete a project without falling off

By Stephanie Quirk

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