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Buy a man a book…

Buy a man a book…

And you educate him!  Looking through the shelves at Waterstones or any bookseller you would imagine that women never do sport.  So this Christmas, how about making a difference by buying a man one of these incredible, exciting, adventurous books.  We’ve gone to the trouble of lovingly reviewing each one, so you can choose the one that’s just right for the meaningful others in your life (men and women).  Help them find out what’s really happening in the world of adventure – from the 1800s up to the present day.  Click the title to go to our review of each book:

Savage Summit – Jennifer Jordan:

‘The sensational story of the killer mountain’

Gwen Moffat – Space Below My Feet:

“Unpretentious and inspiring record of the first female Mountain Guide’s adventurous Exploits”

Cathy O’Dowd – Just for the Love of it:

“Absolutely Gripping. I’m disappointed it’s over”

Freedom Climbers – Bernadette McDonald:

This is hands-down the best mountaineering book I’ve ever read”

Women Climbing – Bill Birkett and Bill Peascod: 

“200 years of climbing achievement brought to life” 

One Green Bottle – Elizabeth Coxhead:

“One of the most iconic novels about climbing ever written”

Presumptuous Pinnacle Ladies – Early Journals of the Pinnacle Club: 

“An insight into the adventurous spirit of those early climbers”

Itching to Climb – Barbara James:

“The story of a highly adventurous woman’s fascinating life”

So, that rounds up our book recommendations.  Please do leave a comment below to tell us what you think of these books.  What’s your favourite?  What are you desperate to read?

And if you want more to choose from, take a look at this rather fabulous collection, thanks to Katy Stocks:

Something fascinating if you click here….


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