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Destination Guides – by you!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text] Do you have a favourite crag you want to shout about? Have you stumbled on the perfect set of beginner's boulders? Esoteric or popular; piddly 9 metre single pitch gruntwork or long multipitch exposure; everything in between and around...

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The Countryside Code – What is it?

The countryside code is a set of guidelines that helps people to enjoy the outdoors whilst protecting the rights of landowners and helping everyone to take responsibility for themselves whilst they are out enjoying nature. It gives guidance on what you should and shouldn't do, so...

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How to Develop the Mindful Habit

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Mindfulness has been shown to help athletes improve their head game and perform better. Sometimes, it's easy to start, but not so easy to sustain a new habit, like mindfulness. Here are some tactics other people use to make mindfulness a habit:[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_text_separator title="Attach to a habit you...

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Climbing Inspiration // 1920’s to 2010’s

We all know that you can't be what you can't see, so in today's post are some Youtube videos to help you visualise success.  Vicarious experiences, seeing other achieve success, are critical to gaining self-efficacy. Feel Successful, Watch Others' Success Self-efficacy is the thing that makes us...

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Why YOU should create a Women’s Climbing Group

Lorna Potter BWCGuest writer Lorna Potter, founder of Bristol Women Climbers, discusses her insights and suggestions in the set up of  a women’s climbing group.

Women’s climbing groups are are a great way to empower women and create a community for women to come together and build friendships around their love for climbing. 

I’m Lorna and I run Bristol Women Climbers (BWC), a group for women climbers in Bristol to get to know other local female climbers, make friends, have fun, share skills and inspire each other to climb harder.

Fancy Footwork: How to get better

Footwork is talked about so often by climbers, but even experienced climbers often don't know where to go to improve their footwork. Today's article is all about improving footwork. If we've missed something, leave us a comment and share your experience and knowledge with us...

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Getting out in Winter: Stay safe
Frpstbite - 1

Mountain Rescue Services are staffed by volunteers. Stay safe in the hills using their download as a guide.  Read on to go to the download…

Winter is here. If you are considering learning new skills to make the most of Scottish winter, or perhaps just thinking of going out with friends or family over the winter weekends, there are many ways to enjoy the winter season. Here’s essential information from Mountain Rescue England & Wales about how to stay safe in during winter.

Life-Climb Balance For The Single Parent

Work-climb-life balance can be tricky, especially if you have children or a demanding job.

Whether your work is paid or voluntary (and in this I include caring and housekeeping roles), after long hours committed to this role it can feel hard to find the time to get to the wall let alone the energy to do so.

Navigation Top Tips

XMOZEWMN8OWhy did you get into rock climbing?  Or, if you’ve never tried, why would you? Maybe you love being outdoors or maybe it’s an alternative to the gym and a good way to keep fit. If you reach a point when you want to climb an obscure rockface or a big wall tucked away you in a valley, will need to consult a map and have to work out how to get there. So, here are my 7 top tips for finding the crag:

How to fix a hole in a sleeping mat
Alpkit warehouse

At the Alpkit premises on my visit in June 2015

At the start of 2015 Alpkit invited me over for a fish and chip lunch to take a look at their office/ production facility/ warehouse and a few weeks ago, finally, I made it over there.  They gave me some great tour of their workshop and showroom as well as showing me some of their fantastic kit.  Their gear is developed in the UK and a large percentage of their gear is made over here by the people who do the sports. It’s great to see passionate people who are into sports making products for the sports they love.

We heard on the grapevine that they’re developing some new clothing lines – trousers and jackets.  Keep an eye on the Alpkit website to find out about their ever-expanding range of equipment & clothing.

How to Improve your Route Reading

route reading31By Emily Pitts // Route reading is like solving a puzzle. It involves time, skills and attention. These are some exercises you can use and practical things you can do to help you get better at finding solutions to your climbing puzzles, focusing mainly on indoor top rope climbing, as a mechanism for improving and moving on to lead climbing indoors and climbing outdoors.  There’s hopefully something in here for beginners, but also people who are more experienced climbers.