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Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Elektra…Five Stars

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 3It was kind of accidental that I ended up with these boots but I’m very grateful that I did.  I had sent of my previous boot to the manufacturer due to a fault and quickly needed to buy a replacement pair but was a little short of cash.  I searched on ebay for a second hand pair of boots and these were available in one size only and unused.

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 4

Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Geshido…Five Stars

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe4Verdict

Love: the fit

Would like to see: them available in small sizes for women to buy easily

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe1

I love these rock shoes.  These are the most recent shoes I’ve bought, which came to me by default as a colleague bought them thinking that you need to go smaller, but with the Geshido you definitely don’t! 

Film Review // Push It // Jen Randall

“Push it” by Jen Randall. 34 mins, Lightshed productions. This is a short film about Jen’s dream of climbing El Cap in Yosemite. It is very much a film that makes you feel good about women climbing and has a definite “girl power” feel to it. Featuring among...

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A Tale of Woe with the Shewee Extreme

Scottish winter skills course1The background to my purchase of the Shewee Extreme was a 14-hr epic mountain day in Scotland this winter with three men, during which time I had to perch on a snow ledge sandwiched between two men with their eyes closed while I crouched for a wee, with another man ascending up to the stance at the same time.  The ascending male had to be asked to hold on for fear of receiving a face full of warm yellow liquid.  An interesting tale, but not an experience that I particularly wanted to repeat after that journey.  I’m sure the men would rather it weren’t repeated too.

How to improve at bouldering – Ten ways to get better

Following on from the last blog post here are some practical things you can do right now to improve your skills for bouldering:

Learning bouldering1) Watch

Watch someone who looks like they boulder well. If you watch, you can probably learn something. Look at their hands, how they hold the holds, where and how they place their feet, what are they doing with their weight, their knees, are their feet always on the holds?
Boreal Krypto Rock Shoe Review

Score for the Boreal Krypto…
Four Stars


Boreal Rock Boot side picture

My first introduction to the Boreal Krypto rock shoes was a member of staff at a climbing shop referring to them as the krapto. Despite this dizzying introduction, I tried them on and decided that the price and the good fit for my bunioned feet suited me just fine.

I’ve been wearing these rock shoes for about six months now, giving them a few runs up the wall between once and three times a week.  I climb about 6b+ on top rope and 6a leading, just to give an idea of what my climbing is like.  They seem to be fairly durable – no signs of them getting holes yet.  That is perhaps down to recently improved footwork as well.

Talon 44 Backpack Review

Osprey Talon 44 backpack review

In 2011 I went walking around Ben Nevis and realised that it was to invest in a backpack to accompany my multifarious mountain pursuits – single and multi-pitch climbing, mountain walking and winter mountaineering.  My first port of call was Manchester Oxford Road Cotswolds, as they are stalwarts in reliability and good customer service. Being a clearance store they didn’t have a full range so, instead I went to the Manchester Deansgate branch.

Osprey Talon 44 Backpack review6

At first glance I thought that buying a pack would offer a straightforward choice, but I was, firstly, dazzled with the array of packs available, and then very quickly became suitably disappointed by the very few packs from which I eventually had to choose.  Why? I am small. When I say small I mean 5ft tall (155cm) and with a waist of about 28 inches. The staff member in the shop was brilliant, helping to work out the best fit using realistic weights and assessing my needs. My resulting purchase was the Osprey Talon 44 in Indigo blue.  So, more than a year in, here’s my review of the bag…