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Celebrating our friends’ successes

Celebrating our friends’ successes

Our mini-series this week is celebrating the climbing achievements of our friends – the friends who support, motivate or challenge us; the friends who have faced their climbing fears; the friends who have overcome obstacles through climbing; the friends who are just awesome to climb with. We’ll also be sharing exclusive stories from Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Michaela Tracy this week.

Our first story comes from Rachel.

“When I started climbing I was lucky enough to fall into a large group of climbers with a lot of diversity. There were so many strong women climbers to draw inspiration from, but the person I’ve climbed with most, since starting just over a year ago, is Katy.

Katy had been climbing on and off for years and, in the last two years, has started to take it a bit more seriously. She’d rock up and flash boulders I couldn’t even pull on to (she still does, actually) but when we started sport climbing she was leading similar grades to me. It was weird for me to know how good she was but not see it in her leading, but the fear of falling was pretty strong and she really didn’t like to push her lead limit.

Katy doesn’t like falling, and she does not do dynos – she will find a way to static anything. Which is pretty hilarious to watch sometimes. But over the last few months she’s started to push her grade, started ‘falling’ just a little more. She’s been working on 7B projects and actually getting them climbed, with minimal rests and only with training once a week for a couple of hours. As much as it’s difficult to not share projects with her because her climbing level is so much higher, it’s also a huge motivator for me to watch her and belay her on these awesome climbs.

I’m really excited for her to finally get a clean 7B lead and I think it’ll happen pretty soon.”

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