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Celebrating Our Successes in 2018

Celebrating Our Successes in 2018

The theme for our posts this week is celebrating our personal successes from 2018. All week we’ll be sharing success stories of some of the country’s most inspiring women climbers, including Hazel Findlay, Madeleine Cope, Michaela Tracy, and Abbie Robinson. We also invite you to share your story in the comments – be proud of yourself, motivate others, and help nurture this great community of ours!

To kick things off, here’s Holly’s story:

My forearms were burning, pumped beyond belief. I was desperate not to fall – the age-old rule of trad climbing ‘Thou Shalt Not Fall On Gear’ echoing round my head. I adjusted my foot placements to try to shift my weight, but alas, my arms gave up. I whipped. On gear. Onto my beautiful shiny new blue DMM cam, in fact (now officially my favourite cam).

The route I was leading was Right Unconquerable– one of the classic routes at Stanage Plantation, a 3 star HVS. It was in fact my first ever HVS, and little did I know how much this route would demand of me both physically and mentally.

After the initial adrenaline rush of falling, I started back up the rock, on one hand buoyed by my solid cam placement, on the other, nervous about finishing the route. It took all my determination to push through the remaining section, thankful for the cheering supporters below me. Their belief in me – that I was capable of doing this – was the boost I needed to get the job done. Despite a somewhat ungraceful belly flop top-out, I hauled myself to safety, shaking with relief that I’d done it. After a few minutes’ rest (while my claw-hands returned to normal), I experienced another emotion wash over me: I was proud of myself. And I felt on top of the world.

August 2018
Women’s Trad Fest

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