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Climb Catalunya Interview // Natasha Hirst

Climb Catalunya Interview // Natasha Hirst

20 women, 4 climbing coaches, 1 photographer and 3 hosts = one amazing climbing trip.

In November 2018 we came together for a very special climbing trip in Spain. It was a spectacular trip, filled with new friendships, climbing firsts and lots of laughter.

Our Photographer, Natasha Hirst shares her experience, from being a relative beginner to being welcomed into the community, helping her to go climbing alone when she returned to the UK.

Natasha, at the crag on the trip.
Natasha Hirst Photography

What stage were you at with your climbing when you decided to join the trip? 

Very beginner. Had climbed a few times on a climbing wall and trad outdoors but didn’t have the confidence or skills to find a group of people I didn’t know to climb with.

Natasha Hirst Photography

What did you get from the trip at the time and how did it impact you when you returned to the UK? 

I loved the supportive environment that materialised so quickly. We had so much fun together but it was also a great opportunity to improve my climbing with brilliant coaches and really supportive women climbers. It gave me the confidence to go to my local climbing wall for the first time and register myself. I loved it!

Natasha Hirst Photography

What I liked about the trip was…. 

How relaxed, fun and supportive it was – it gave me the confidence to give it a go and it really inspired me to climb more.

How did you find meeting a new group of people? Were you worried? 

I was nervous about being part of a large group of people I didn’t know but it was brilliant, I made new friends and have stayed in touch with quite a few women.

What did you hope to get from the trip and how did it work out? 

I wanted to improve my confidence and it definitely did that for me! I hadn’t really expected to improve my skills but I did.

Womenclimb inversion trip to Catalonia, Spain. November 2018. Building technique indoors for outdoor climbing.
Natasha Hirst Photography

How was the food?

The food was awesome! I loved eating with everyone and enjoyed the friendly social atmosphere.

Was the women-only aspect important to you? How was it? 

It was really nice that it was an all woman group because it felt more relaxed, it wasn’t competitive, everyone supported everyone else in a holistic sense, not just a technical climbing sense. It made the week extremely rewarding.

Womenclimb trip to Catalonia Spain, November 2018. Natasha Hirst Photography

What aspects resonated most for you? 

What a lovely bunch of women I had the pleasure to spend time with! We were all from different places, backgrounds, abilities and ages and it was so nice to meet people I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet in my day to day life.

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