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Climbing Inspiration // 1920’s to 2010’s

Climbing Inspiration // 1920’s to 2010’s

We all know that you can’t be what you can’t see, so in today’s post are some Youtube videos to help you visualise success.  Vicarious experiences, seeing other achieve success, are critical to gaining self-efficacy.

Feel Successful, Watch Others’ Success

Self-efficacy is the thing that makes us believe that we have it in us to do the things required to succeed.  The first video is a tiny part of a bigger bouldering traverse at Hobson moor quarry in the Peak District UK.  It’s not big and fancy – it’s Emily from Womenclimb achieving something she worked on over a few weeks. Being realistic, most of us aren’t going to scale El Capitan in a day or lead 9a+, so sometimes, looking at others who are at or just above our own level, is the best way to build those feelings of success and achievement. Watch and enjoy.  Send us links to your videos on Youtube and we will add them in.  Happy days:

Leni Riefenstahl

Hazel Findlay

Catherine Destivelle

Margo Hayes

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