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Climbing News // May – June 2016

Climbing News // May – June 2016

We want to bring you the most interesting news and articles.  Make sure to read to the end and leave us a comment to let us know what you like best….

Cholitas – Mighty Climbers in Fine Dresses

Our favourite story of the month: the fantastic, strong and adventurous Cholitas of Bolivia scaling 6000m+ peaks in South America.

Climbing to Protest

Two Indian women in Hyderabad used their climbing skills to raise a fascinating protest that made national news.

This isn’t a smart place to climb

Meanwhile, in the UK four men and two women were arrested for climbing the ancient monument at Stonehenge.  Don’t they know that we’ve got some of the best climbing in the world all around the UK?

12 year old Romanian girl matches Denali record

12 year old girl reaches Denali, North America’s tallest summit.  Dor Geta Popescu ties the record for youngest female to reach the summit with Merrick Johnston.  Popescu has now summited Aconcagua, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro, leaving the Carstenz Pyramid, Mount Everest and Mount Vinson left for her to complete her seven summit bid.

Five year climber reaches the top

Nazia Parveen shows that you don’t have to climb from being a child to reach the top in the sport.  Parveen, one of India’s top climbers, has reached the top of the sport her country, winning 32 competitions after only 5 years of climbing.  Her story in Pakistan Today gives a great insight into what climbing is like for women in countries outside the UK.

Completely Outrageous Climbing Stunt

In an outrageous stunt, Sierra Blake Coyle scaled a building this week using only the suction of an LG vacuum cleaner to get to the top – crazy, but true!

LG CordZero Sierra Blair-Coyle from LGNewsroom on Vimeo.

and finally…

What Goes Up, Must Come Down…

Learning to down climb is a critical skill.


In the coming month we are talking all about women getting outside and climbing – whether that’s about moving from indoor to outdoor climbing or pushing yourself further in your climbing life.  

Let us know what you’re doing or if you want your questions answered.

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