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Climbing Rocks, Women Climb

Climbing Rocks, Women Climb

Womenclimb today launch their inspirational Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The Social Enterprise aims to raise £5,000 to fund startup costs, develop forums on their website and create a model for a sustainable business that women climbers love, making social change part of every day.

Climbing changes people’s lives and their inspirational film trailer gives you a flavour of what climbing has done for the women in the film.  With quotes from recent climbing events, the film offers a glimpse into how life changing the sport can be.

All Indiegogo campaigns offer something in return…

Anyone buying into the campaign can expect to receive anything from a limited edition T Shirt to a designer greetings card or a climbing adventure day, depending on the amount they contribute to the campaign.

Womenclimb founder Emily Pitts said “This is a very exciting time for Womenclimb.  Climbers in the UK have shown how much they love what we do, so now is the time develop our idea into a sustainable and profitable business that can deliver great social impact to women around the UK.”

How Womenclimb Started

Started as the seed of an idea at Manchester Climbing Centre, Womenclimb was initially created in response to the lack of information in the sport aimed at women and written by women – editorial content, reviews, films were and are still largely written by and featuring men.  The site itself has developed in under 2 years from having no content or visitors to having nearly 20,000 visitors per year and a dedicated Twitter following.  Run by a team of volunteers the project has become unmanageable as an unpaid project, so founder Emily Pitts decided to take the project to the next level and develop it into a fully functioning profit making business.

As an enterprise that is socially motivated the team aims to make it a registered Community Interest Company within the next two months, opening doors to other funding opportunities. Eager to deliver their social aims, the team want to help disadvantaged women to reap the benefits that climbing brings – socially, physically, emotionally and mentally.

“What we really want is to show how much we value women across the board.  This means giving disadvantaged women opportunities to go climbing, paying our contributors a living wage for their work and working ethically throughout the business in a holistic way.  To do this we need a solid business model, so the Indiegogo will give us what we need to make this happen.  Anyone who is a part of our campaign and who buys into one of our perks is part of this incredible transformation of the Womenclimb project into a socially valuable business.”

To be part of the womenclimb project go to:

Womenclimb on Indiegogo

Womenclimb on Twitter

Womenclimb on Facebook

Emily Pitts: Founder and Editor in Chief:  E: hello@womenclimb.co.uk

Womenclimb is a Social Enterprise set up in the north west UK by Emily Pitts in 2013.  It enjoys 20,000 visitors a year to the site (June 2014-June 2015), which provides practical advice, information and support enabling women to start and continue to enjoy the sport of climbing.

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