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Climbing Trip Kit List

Climbing Trip Kit List

Heading out on your first climbing holiday but not sure what to take?

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran, but there’s always that one thing you leave at home?

Check out this handy kit list by our writer Roxy Barry and never turn up at the crag without a belay plate again!

Depending on the style of climbing you’re heading out for, your kit-list can come in varying lengths. A bouldering trip requires just 3 things: climbing shoes, chalk bag, and a boulder mat. However, for roped climbing, the list gets longer – and you don’t want to be forgetting anything!

For all climbing trips remember to pack a handy first-aid kit (and know how to use it!) and a headtorch!

Sport Climbing

Packing for sport climbing can be lightweight and efficient. I’ve managed many trips on carry-on-sized backpack alone!

  1. Helmet
  2. Single rope / 2 half ropes
  3. Climbing Shoes
  4. Harness
  5. Chalk bag + chalk
  6. Belay device & screwgate
  7. Quickdraws (depending on the length of the routes, you’ll need between 8-20 between a pair)
  8. Personal anchor system (sling/cowstail)
  9. Multi pitch anchor systems: 2 x 80cm slings, 2 x 120cm slings
  10. 2 x prussiks (it’s always nice to have a spare) for any abseiling
  11. Screwgates! For all those slings & prussiks: 6 should do it
  12. Mallion – in case of emergencies / needing to bail from a route (cheaper to leave behind than a screwgate or quickdraw)
  13. Guidebook
  14. Approach shoes 
  15. Reusable water bottle

Trad Climbing

Trad climbing can mean a lot more kit than sport, since you have to take your own means to attach yourself to the rock. So, this list is an add-on to the sport climbing list!

  1. Everything in the sport climbing list (except the Mallions)
  2. 1 large screwgate for your anchor belay
  3. Long / trad quickdraws / extenders
  4. Full set of nuts
  5. Nut-key/extraction tool
  6. Cams (friends)
  7. Hexes
  8. 240cm sling

WARNING: This list is just for climbing kit – please don’t forget to take a change of pants and t-shirts too! Your climbing pals will thank you for it 😉

If you want to find a group of people who will support you, then you can become a Womenclimb Member. We have meets coming up throughout the year around the UK. The meet-ups include people at all levels of climbing, so take a look at our events and find your tribe.

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