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We receive a high volume of lovely and fabulous emails, so sometimes it takes us a while to get through them. Find out why here: About Womenclimb.

Below are answers to the most common questions, to save you time. Before you do anything, find out more about us:

Learn about Womenclimb

Want to Promote Your Event?

Womenclimb is about training, supporting and connecting women climbers.  As part of this ethos we share events and activities that could benefit women climbers, through blog posts and on our social media platforms. You can tag us in your social media posts and if our values align, we will retweet and share your event or activity.

  • If you want a wider exposure on our blog and Facebook, contact us with information about what you want and your budget.

Want to contribute?

We are always interested in hearing from people who want to help us and want to contribute to the work we are doing at Womenclimb. We are run by volunteers, who commit incredible time and effort, so if you think you would like to be part of the movement, that your values are a good match and that you’ve got the time to be a part of it, we would love to hear from you.

Find out about volunteer roles

Want us to help you?

We get lots of requests for help on projects, promoting and reviewing products and more. Our focus is the community of women climbers and we love to get involved. We would love to help everyone who contacts us, but we have limited resources and are run by volunteers, so we can’t help everybody freely and we don’t respond to each email we receive otherwise we would never get out of the office!

If you’ve looked at our history & our about page and feel that we are a good match, the next step is to think about how you will help Womenclimb. In return for helping you, we would ideally want you to support our community in return. We are flexible about this; there are several ways that people help us in return for our the incredible time and energy that volunteers contribute to Womenclimb.

These include: –

  • Equipment donation
  • Payment to cover our time
  • Free training/ workshops
  • Discounts for our members
  • Pro bono expertise
How it All Began

Is your question not covered?

Email hello@womenclimb.co.uk or alternatively you can connect with us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.