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Core exercise for climbing – June Challenge

Core exercise for climbing – June Challenge

Hello.  We’re embarking on a #Junecorechallenge – to do core exercises every day in June to help us improve our climbing.  We’re inviting you to join in… and any other women you know.  So far there are women from Manchester Climbing Centre Women’s club along with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Core exercises at manchester CLimbing centre


Part of the reason for this challenge is to give each other support and motivation to keep up core exercises for a whole month.  We’re starting with sit-ups, then moving on to the plank in week 2.  You can either add the plank onto your sit-ups or just change if it’s too much to do it all.  After the plank we’ll announce the next exercise for week 3, come here to find out what’s next.

Where to do your core exercises:

The thing about core exercises is that you can do them without equipment virtually anywhere… like in a studio when you’re making puppets…Core exercises at work

What to do:

  1. Decide how many sit ups you can realistically do every day (so far women have chosen from 25 up to 150).
  2. Start your sit ups for today – right now…get down and do them.
  3. Tweet, comment below or let us know on Facebook.  See who else is doing it and give them a bit of oomph too – we all need a bit of something to keep us going sometimes.

Repeat tomorrow!Photo 20-03-2013 21 15 14

Feedback from women doing the challenge so far…

Beth “Did my 100 today.  Tip- do them earlier rather than later ergggghhhh”

Kat “Done”

Linda “Loving your support all of u”

Alpine Butterfly “You lot are keeping me motivated :)!


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