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Learn to Climb

Learning to Climb is an empowering experience. If you choose Womenclimb to teach you to climb you will get comprehensive instruction to be able to make your own competent decisions as an independent climber once you have finished the course.

The course is aimed at equipping you with the skills needed to be safe as an indoor climber on top ropes. We cover a full curriculum that includes tying knots safely and correctly, belaying using a range of devices and using a sandbag when belaying heavier partners.

We work hard to make your learning experience the best it can be. We understand that everyone is different – we all learn at a different pace and in different ways. Our courses take this into account. If you find that you learn better hearing things explained, or if you like to see things done or if you just like to get on and try it out for yourself then you are in the right place, because we teach in all of these ways!

Your Learn to Climb course will run over 3 sessions of 2 hours each with a minimum of 2 people. Before your course, you will receive a comprehensive starter pack by email, so you know exactly what to expect and what to bring with you. Each session will deal with the consolidation of basic climbing skills and safety knowledge. During your first session you will learn to tie your knot and put on your harness correctly. At this session you will be given some rope to take home and practice for subsequent sessions. By the 3rd session we anticipate that most climbers will have achieved a level whereby they are competent to demonstrate their skills to sign themselves into any UK climbing centre without supervision and to show others how to climb. Occasionally we will ask climbers to attend an additional session if we feel that this is necessary to ensure the highest standards of safety and competence.

What does my session include?

  • Safety Equipment – harness & helmet
  • Instruction from a fully qualified SPA qualified instructor
  • Tailored session to suit your needs
  • Delicious hand-made treats to eat at the crag or to take home
  • Insurance

Who will teach me?

Emily Pitts will be your instructor. Emily has 15 years of experience in supporting and helping people to achieve their goals. She has worked as a climbing instructor at Manchester Climbing Centre and works with children and adults with additional needs. Emily works as a freelance instructor in the north west, including working for Challenge for Change. She delivers workshops and creates curriculum interventions that meet the needs of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners in schools, so whichever categories you fit into, Emily will adapt her style to fit. Emily is SPA qualified, holds the PTLLS qualification and has over 4 years of climbing experience, both indoor and outdoor.

You deserve to have the best instruction to become a safe and competent climber and that’s what we aim to deliver.

How much will it cost?

Learn to Climb: 2 people: £295

Learn to Climb: 3 people: £345

Learn to Climb: 4 People: £425

Learn to Climb: 5 People: £475

Learn to Climb: 6 people: £550

When can we do our session?

Sessions can be scheduled on any day of the week except for Mondays and Tuesdays during term time. We are flexible to meet your needs.

Book your session

Learn to Climb: 2 people

Learn to Climb: 3 people

Learn to Climb: 4 People

Learn to Climb: 5 People

Learn to Climb: 6 people

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