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Deniz & Fiona’s Epic Mountain Adventure

Ben Nevis

Deniz & Fiona’s Epic Mountain Adventure

We know it’s hard to find adventure when you’re limited to just your doorstep, but we love how it’s not stopping so many of you! Womenclimb writer Deniz and her partner-in-climb (sorry!) Fiona, recently sent in a video of their latest epic day out. We hope you enjoy it!

A Journey to Ben Nevis in the Time of Covid

Jealous of their exploits, we decided to ask Deniz and Fiona a bit more about their grand day out. Or rather, grand day in…

Climbing Ben Nevis from the comfort of your own home?! What brought this about?

Fiona: Deniz and I both had a New Year’s Resolution to up our Munro Count.  My target was to reach 25 (I’m currently on 13) and Deniz’s was 50 (she’s on 39). I’d never climbed Ben Nevis, so wanted to achieve the height of climbing Ben Nevis indoors.

Deniz: Crazy challenges always appeal to me and I thought it would be a fun way to spend the Easter Bank Holiday indoors doing something we both enjoyed.

Area map not necessary

How many steps did it take?

D: 6720 steps up and 6720 steps down. In total it was 560 times up and down the same set of stairs in our house. Keeping count was very hard!

How did it compare to your usual mountain climb?

F: My calves hurt for two days after! I’m looking forward to doing the real thing where there aren’t so many steps. There was also no need to wild wee which was a bonus.

D: The views we got at the summit weren’t quite as awe-inspiring, but then again it’s nicer than being in a whiteout. I also enjoyed the proximity of our kitchen when we finished!

Stopping for lunch

Were there any surprise challenges to your adventure?

D: The calf burn was definitely real.

F: It took us around four hours, which was a lot longer than we expected. Our quickest ‘real’ Munro, Ben Chonzie, took us only three and a half hours.

D: Trying to avoid funny looks from our neighbours when we took breaks by our front door. Also the summit scene where we used the shadow puppets was initially meant to be with marzipan figures of ourselves but our artistic abilities were somewhat lacking and that idea was scrapped.

Once quarantine is over, what's going to be your first outdoor adventure?

D: The Cuillin Ridge on Skye! I’ve recently bought Adrian Trendall’s new book on different routes up and down the ridge so will be perusing that over lockdown.


Reaching the 'summit'

Do you have any other indoor challenges planned?

D: Climbing in the kitchen, living room… We did actually practice doing some multipitch around our back garden.

F: Maybe videoing some indoor ‘winter sports’. There are some great videos out there! Stay tuned.

We're looking forward to your next video already! Now, finally, did you really camp?

F&D: No, not yet. We didn’t want to do too many fun things in one weekend!

Have you done something similar with your lockdown? Let us know in the comments, or even better, show us your videos on Facebook and Instagram!

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