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Destination Guides – by you!

Destination Guides – by you!

Do you have a favourite crag you want to shout about?

Have you stumbled on the perfect set of beginner’s boulders?

Esoteric or popular; piddly 9 metre single pitch gruntwork or long multipitch exposure; everything in between and around…

We want to hear about the places you love to climb!

We are inviting submissions of Destination Guides for the UK and beyond.


Destination Guides will be shared on our website and across social media for the benefit of the awesome Womenclimb community. 

Info we are looking for: 


Perfect for…? (beginners/jamming etc)

Considerations? (e.g. bad top-outs/river crossing)

What you liked most

Access, approach, parking

Favourite routes

What could be better

Where to stay nearby

Which guidebook

Most importantly – remember to send us photos!

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  • Mimi McNaull
    June 6, 2020 at 7:48 am

    Hi all,

    I hope the difficult time gets closer to its end.

    What is my destination guide? Well, Windgater seems always on the top of my list but I am happy to go wherever is possible at the moment.

    Wilton would be a good place I believe.

    I have a dream I would like to share with you girls. Just before the lockdown, I was talking with Emily about Excalibur, Netherlands. Obviously, until the crossing border enquires for 14 days isolation after return to the UK are in place I wouldn’t go but I will share my imaginary plan for cycling/climbing adventure whenever it’s become possible. Ups!!! 🙂 I wish to cross with the ferry (seems from Norwich to Hook of Holland is the most convenient) and cycle to Groningen where is the climbing centre with Excalibur. The distance is 280 km, 174 miles. With my abilities, I will need three days cycling at least. The centre has a big bouldering outdoor area and an indoor climbing wall. And the gem, Excalibur! They allowed tents overnight for free in the centre ground. Currently, the outdoor area is already open with social distance and safe behavior advice, toilets/bath are open too. The indoor wall still closed but I think they announced will be open soon (July?). So, I was thinking, if some of you, girls are happy to cycle together, some you may prefer to join at Groningen, whatever anybody is happy to do, it would be great fun. Details could be determined when this journey becomes possible.

    “Klimcentrum Bjoeks” is Facebook page, https://www.bjoeks.nl/ is the website. Looking forward to this adventure! 🙂

    I would like to believe the end of August things would become easier and this journey possible but obviously nothing is for sure at the moment. As September could be a bit rainy and cold, we can always leave this for next summer! 🙂

    Kind regards and stay safe! 🙂

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