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Emily Allen’s App recommendations

Emily Allen’s App recommendations

IMG_5581Emily Allen was the youngest female to climb 8a in the UK.  In July 2013 she climbed Aberration at Chee Dale.  If you’ve never heard of her you should read her story – she’s really inspiring, having had a number of setbacks yet still achieving the outstanding performance at the age of only 14 years old.  You can read more about Emily at Stoke Sentinal or on this superb UKC article.  A while back she shared her favourite three mobile apps with us, so we are sharing them with you now: 

1. Ab workout

Emily says: ‘If core is your focus at the moment, then the ab workout is for you.  Check it out.  No more needs to be said.’

IMG_55822. Climb Coach

Emily Says: For people who are training hard or want a structure to work to, then this app is absolutely brilliant.  You can focus on any area of your climbing including finger strength,  endurance and arm strength.  The app even drills down to different parts of each area – so you can work particular muscle groups by following particular training session plans.  Emily loves it and so do we.   

3. Beastmaker
Emily didn’t say anything about specific about this app – here’s a bit of info about Beastmaker.  They’re basically an awesome British company who make beautiful wooden training equipment for climbers – IMG_5583things like fingerboards and holds.  If you’re into some serious training or want to get into serious training, then there is some serious geekery heading your way if you click here.

Happy training and remember to look after your body while you train.

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