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Emma Twyford // Interview

Emma Twyford // Interview

By Jacquie Budd //  Emma Twyford counts as one of the UKs most well-climbed climbers.  We’ve recently written up an Inspirational Women page about Emma and following on from this I’ve spoken to Emma to ask her a few questions on behalf of Womenclimb readers.

Emma Twyford on Strawberries at Tremadog

Emma Twyford on Strawberries (E7 6b) at Tremadog. Image courtesy of Ray Wood

What do you love most about climbing?

I love the places it takes me and the people I get to meet, the climbing scene is pretty special. Most of all I love pushing myself to the limit physically and mentally, being able to really go for it on trad can be the most satisfying and rewarding experience.

What is your most memorable climb (and why)?

There are so many to choose from, I think the most memorable week I’ve had climbing was in the Lakes last year with Caff and co. Being up in the mountain crags ticking off classics such as Bucket Dynasty on Dove Crag and Lost Horizons on Scafell but also getting to camp out on Scafell and watch the sunset in a beautiful place was absolutely magical.

Do you train specifically, or follow any nutrition programme?

I try to be gluten free most of the time due to feeling like I have more energy but I don’t see any point in completely cutting something out. I think treating yourself every now and again is good but climbing also burns a lot of calories so there is no point in starving yourself at the crag. I’m finding it hard to train properly currently due to being on the road routesetting but at the same time I’m in the best climbing shape I’ve ever been in. I’ll try and squeeze in a session if I have time and feel good or do some core work but I’m wary of burning out.

What is your favourite climbing location?

Again there are so many special places and many that I have yet to explore but for me a sunny day on Gogarth is hard to beat.

Is there anywhere you still really want to climb?

There are so many places, I’d love to go back to Australia to climb, South Africa, Madagascar, China……… I think the list is never ending but the day you want to stop exploring is probably the day you’ve satiated your curiosity and are content. Right now I definitely haven’t had my fill and I want to explore some more.

You mentioned on Twitter recently that you’d been working on a new project at Malham, can you tell us what it is?

I think it’s going to become fairly common knowledge but I’m always wary of putting my goals on the line. However I’m determined to try and tick this project.  The first session went well. The route I’m now trying is Bat Route at Malham, but I’m aware my time is limited due to work and it’s a long drive, so commitment is going to have to be high.

What tips do you have for female climbers reading this article?

Don’t beat yourself up and give yourself credit when you deserve it. There is no shame in trying hard and failing but if you don’t then you will never succeed.

Thanks Emma

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