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Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe Review

Evolv Elektra Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Elektra…Five Stars

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 3It was kind of accidental that I ended up with these boots but I’m very grateful that I did.  I had sent of my previous boot to the manufacturer due to a fault and quickly needed to buy a replacement pair but was a little short of cash.  I searched on ebay for a second hand pair of boots and these were available in one size only and unused.

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 4

Fit & Functionality

They are only a half size smaller than my regular shoe size but that seems to really work.  I have quite wide feet and they are a tad too tight around the toes but still wearable and bearable. They are pretty flexible and great for smearing. I can wear them for quite a few hours without feeling desperate to take them off, though that might be different when it gets warm.  One down side is that I seem to be rapidly losing friends due to the smell of them. I’ve had them now for about three months and they absolutely stink!!

Shoe Review Scoring system



Criteria  Grade out of 5
Value for Money 5 for me, perhaps 4 full priceIn shops £75, I paid £25 on ebay(unused but second hand)
Design 3
Comfort & Fit 4
Durability 5
Functionality 5

Total out of 25


Evolv Elektra Shoe - 8

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 5



0-The worst product you’ve ever used


2-Not good




Reviewer Emma Timmis
Standard Shoe Size 5
Test Shoe Brand and Name Evolve Elektra VTR Womens
Test Shoe Size 4.5

Evolv Elektra Shoe - 1


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