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Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoe Review

Evolv Geshido Climbing Shoe Review

Score for the Evolv Geshido…Five Stars

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe4Verdict

Love: the fit

Would like to see: them available in small sizes for women to buy easily

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe1

I love these rock shoes.  These are the most recent shoes I’ve bought, which came to me by default as a colleague bought them thinking that you need to go smaller, but with the Geshido you definitely don’t!  They are really small in the size in comparison with every other rock shoe I’ve tried before.  What this means is that I have the same sized rock shoe as my standard shoe size.

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe2Fit

These shoes fit my feet like a dream.  The heel is perfect, with a flexible material section to the edge of the heel, meaning that the shoe doesn’t rub and good heel shape that has moulded well to my feet.   The shoe is downturned and more aggressive than any other shoes I’ve ever had, but this suits me really well.  The ‘love bump’ is a concave area on the underside of the shoe, which fills in the space just underneath your toes when they bend over into the toe box.  All of this said, they were painful for the first few wears, but I stuck with them and now they’re great.


I’ve seen other reviews that talk about these being really flexible in the centre of the shoes.  I think that owing to having such a small size this doesn’t happen for me.  I have found them to be quite rigid and I like it – I feel like I have control of what my toes are doing and that placement on holds is much better for it.  The shape of the toe is good and helps with foot placement.  They’re really good for toe hooks, but the downturn means they’re slightly less easy to smear with.  The rubber is quite sticky and the sharpness of the design means that they are reliable on smaller holds than I would previously have used for my feet.


Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe3

In terms of design, yet again, this is a unisex shoe and, as such, doesn’t have any of the naff girly styling, which I personally dislike, because it’s marketed to men.  It doesn’t affect the functionality, but I do think that women’s shoes are a) not easy to get hold of and b) mostly look like slippers.  The Geshido is different, but looks like it’s very difficult to get hold of in sizes lower than a 6, which is irritating, as I think it’s a really good shoe for women, if you want to progress to a shoe that’s more aggressive and with a bit of a downturn.


For durability, they seem to be going well, but I will post updates on here if the durability becomes an issue.  One of the issues with durability as a measure is that I am very light (50kg) and therefore don’t apply as much force onto the shoes as someone who’s heavier, so perhaps I’m not the best person to rate durability.

Evolv Geshido Rock Shoe5Value for Money

Where price is concerned, I got these on a special deal through working at the climbing centre, but I would definitely pay £85 for them and would see this as good value for money – a lot of bang for your buck.


Criteria  Grade out of 5 0-The worst thing you’ve ever seen, 1-Terrible, 2-Not good, 3-Ok, 4-Good, 5-Outstanding
Value for Money – please include Price you paid/ price you can buy on internet or shop 4.5£85 – bananafingers
Design 5
Comfort & Fit 5
Durability 4.5
Functionality 4.5

Total out of 25



0-The worst product you’ve ever used


2-Not good





Reviewer Emily Pitts
Standard Shoe Size 5
Test Shoe Brand and Name Evolv Geshido SC
Test Shoe Size 5


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