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EyeSend Belay Glasses // Review

EyeSend Belay Glasses // Review

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve often thought that belay glasses were a bit of a pricey fad. I tried out a couple of pairs and was a bit underwhelmed, so when EyeSend sent through a pair of their new belay specs I wasn’t sure if I’d make use of them. How wrong I was! Last week I spent a week in El Chorro, climbing, and surprisingly they were exactly what I needed. Here’s why:

Prevent neck ache

Indoors, routes are over pretty quickly most of the time, so neck aches isn’t so much of an issue. Outdoors in El Chorro, some of the routes were 35 metres long. Often they took a bit longer to climb, with people working the moves and staying longer on the route. At the top, re-threading takes extra time, so overall, there is more neck-craning taking place. I found these glasses good, because they helped to stop my neck from getting sore whilst constantly looking up.

Comfortable Fit

The design of this brand is really good, giving a comfortable fit on the face and round the ears without being too tight or loose, which leads onto….

Secure Fitting

Compared with other designs of belay glasses, these feel secure and like they will stay in position while belaying, even if you’re belaying dynamically and stepping inwards to pay out rope. The neck cord feels secure, but also like it would break if it got caught rather than strangling you!

What I found with this brand compared to others was they stayed in the same place and weren’t at all flimsy or wobbly, but instead secure. It meant I felt confident with them on, even though I don’t regularly use belay specs.


Unlike any other belay specs I’ve seen, these ones have an adjustable lens, which helps to make it easier to see your climber on different gradients of wall. Surprisingly, I found this feature useful – it helped to use them more easily. Getting used to using a pair of belay glasses can be tricky, especially if, like me, you wear glasses. When I first put them on at the start of the session, I can sometimes feel a bit wobbly eyed. With this pair, I got into the groove quickly and they worked well for me.


One of the other useful things about the glasses is the strong case that they come on, with a nicely packaged lens cloth (which I used thanks to smudgy hands) and a screw tightener for the arm connector, both in a small well-designed pocket inside the case. Being someone who wears glasses, I can vouch that these will be two very handy items to have to hand!


A robust set of belay glasses, with the extra adjustment function, a sturdy case to protect them and cleaning cloth to wipe off the inevitable smears. Pretty much the best glasses I’ve tried out.

Where to grab a pair

Eye Send smashed their Kickstarter campaign and now they are taking pre-orders, so if you want to bag yourself a pair, head over and get yourself (or the climber in your life) a pair.

Get yourself some EYESEND Belay Specs!

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