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Film Competition // Women in Adventure Part 3

Film Competition // Women in Adventure Part 3

BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition

Women Climb needs your films!  There are not enough women in adventure films – you can help be the change we all want to see.   We are delighted to announce the third Women in Adventure Film Competition in association with The BMC and ShAFF.  This year’s competition has a £1200 prize fund to give you an added incentive, on top of the feel good factor that you will get seeing your work on the big screen at ShAFF, if you win!

You will make this competition amazing.  We want everyday women, extraordinary women that you are, to join in this amazing opportunity and do it for all the women out there involved in an adventure.  Find out all about the competition entry criteria on the BMC Women in Adventure

There isn’t a better opportunity for you to make a difference to the representation of women on the screen at adventure film festivals.  Every single film entered into this competition has an impact on other women and increases the proportion of women on screen.

What sort of adventure film are we looking for?

Some of the best films are ones which take ordinary women on a journey that they can connect with – we love to see the small, everyday adventures, as well as the big, expensive and commercially shot films.

If you watch last year’s films you’ll see that the winner wasn’t the best film technically, but the ambience, atmosphere and sense of fun won out above the other excellent submissions.  What that means is that if you find a great story, put time into thinking about how to shoot it and do your best to make the sound work for you, then you have every chance of becoming a winner.

What are the categories?

We want to give you maximum opportunity to win a prize and to get the opportunity to go to the internationally acclaimed Banff Mountain Film Festival.  Following feedback from previous years we have changed the categories to give ordinary people who want to make a film a good opportunity against commercial filmmakers, who usually have access to more professional equipment.  We’re not edging the professional film-makers out of the competition, but aiming to give everyone a chance of winning, by broadening out the categories.

Categories we decided on:

  • Best Overall: £500
  • Best Micro Adventure: £300
  • Best Student: £300
  • Best ShortShort: £150
  • People’s Choice: £150

How to enter Women in Adventure Film Competition

Everything you need to enter Women in Adventure Film Competition Part 3 is available right here on the BMC website.

Still not sure?

Your entry could inspire a woman to go and do something different and amazing.  You could encourage someone to take those next steps in their adventure and you could win prize money!  What is there to lose?

If you’re not sure yourself, please share this opportunity as far and wide as you can, because we want to see loads of women on screen in March 2017, doing exciting adventuring.  You can help make that happen by sharing this post and encouraging your friends to make a film.  #WAF17

BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition

Watch some films from previous years:

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Metallica // Climbing Film

Bolder // Climbing Film

A Story to be Told // Mountain Biking Film

Blue Hue // Wild Swimming Film // WINNER

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